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I realised there has been some confusion about the need for the twin flame souls to be on the same page as they attempt to reunite.. It is important for those working on this relationship to realise that it is not a solo journey. Both souls usually have agreed to get help with the awareness process that the body needs to undergo even if only one of the physical bodies work towards the awareness both souls are a part of the process…If both souls are in this reality together and are aware of each other they are a part of the same path and pattern twin souls are rarely if ever made aware of each other and then not allowed to bring the relationship to fruition or to then go of on seperate spiritual journeys. It is usually the human personality that gets in the way of the souls attempts to reunite causing them to wander seperate paths. The illusion and confusion around this situation is compounded by the natural propensity for chaos to interfer in the coming together of twin souls. (The Divine Love that is created by the coming together of not one but many twin souls unions will balance the hate and other negative energies that are premeating this reality.) Any one signing up for twin flame counseling and work with me in the future need to be aware that the work is for the entire union not just one part of the union…Also the question of whether the souls can take care of this themselves has been raised, interesting enough if the soul could handle this without outside input there would be no need for spiritual advisor and counselors. So it seems someone must get the human personality to be aware that there is a soul with a path,and a partner to walk that path with.. Human nature being what it is likes to believe that it is the one who choose and it is that belief that continues to get in the souls way. Living like that would be like taking a trip without money or driving instructions or even knowing where you are going. The soul awakens to remind you of the plan for your life (the souls journey) a plan that was put in place before you arrived here in this body,joined this family and started this life all arrangements for the life you were to lead was made. I only teach you how to read the souls blueprint if one is unwilling to read that blue print and adjust accordingly then spiritual counseling is not much help. Spiritual counseling only help if you wish to embrace the souls’ plan for your life and yes it may take you outside of your comfort zone just as going to school for the first time took you away from your parents. It was your parents choice to send you to school for an education. It is now your choice. By the way I will point out that the souls path may be very uncomfortable if you are unprepared to release preconceived notions,and beliefs that have nothing to do with the true nature of your soul…Now there in lies the true challenge of spiritual awareness and growth. The tendency to give the soul your personality, your weakness,your fears now that is the true block to spiritual growth and awareness.

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  1. The problem with mine is that I’m married and he likes the other women too much, but I can’t blame him, if I’m not available. When I first married current hubby, I wasn’t even aware of him, and didn’t even know of the term called “twin flame/twin soul”.

    Only after I got heavily involved into service work (for humanity) is when the memories started coming back.

    We had talked on the phone, talked online, but haven’t physically met. We had planned on meeting in spring 2008, but some other woman sneaked her way in, and got him distracted, and he quit talking to me online, although get occasional emails back and forth.

    I had a dream that she was holding him down on a bed, and that I went over and kicked him in the knee. I then went up a stairway to a door which led into another world. I tried to walk thru the door, but the gatekeeper angel guard at the door said something to the effect of “one can’t go thru without the other”. I took that to mean, I couldn’t walk thru the door without my twin.

    That girl was sent to keep us from ever meeting. She would get on my blogs and sites and leave comments about she loved me, admired me, etc… and all she wanted was to get to him. After she got to him, she quit contacting me or posting on my blogs. It was like a knife stabbed my very soul and I felt broken for so long. I’m still married to hubby, and I try to do the right thing and not incur any bad karma, and continue in my path of service to others. I live in love the best I can. My hubby doesn’t deserve to be hurt over this anyway. So I hadn’t per sued this anymore. Thankfully, I’m still friends with the twin, but I don’t know if I can ever trust him again. It hurt to be told by him that he loved me, and then go after a honeypot woman. He knows this woman isn’t his twin. He admitted to me in 2007 that we were twins, which I had already known.

    Hopefully, some of your posts will touch on similar situations like mine.

    Like other women getting in the way, and one being married, etc…

    Thanks for your posts.

    1. When you meet your twin flame it is the wakeup call that your spiritual journey should begin, the physical body upon which you are fousing is only there because the souls wanted you to know that he exist. Not to prusue him/her but to begin your own journey to your true self and when your true self emerge so will his/hers and the relationship that belong to the true selves.. until that work begins there is no twin soul relationship…When you are your true self then those things that you question will be answered…how are you not hurting someone if you do not love them with your heart, your soul and your mind…does not everyone deserve to be loved completely? As to what your TF’s body is doing he is simply marking time until you do that which needs doing….Perhaps you need to know who really said they loved you..the love that you mentioned came from his true self..that only emerge when yours does…soul to soul..when they are not there his ego/personality go chasing women and yours go back to your marriage.. The souls in a twin flame relationship has been together for thousands of years their relationship has existed for eons and will continue…When you become your true self/soul you enter that union both physically, spiritually and emotionally.

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