By JoyfulMystic

It is important to clearly understand what being ensouled means- it means adopting the garb, the languange, the mind of the soul instead of the personality. The soul lives in the heart. The “heart” is a state of mind ironically enough. The personality is what one has lived with all life, it is directly a product of social acclimatization- if society did not force people to conform to certain norms, expectations, no one would walk around with a mask. The mask is the personality- it is a defence mechanism that enables the mind to deal with a world that does not accord it any importance or worth. Self- worth in this world is a very difficult commodity to obtain or maintain given that it is always a victim to assault. The soul is completely disinterested in self-preservation the way the mind understands it since the personality is completely body centered or body-centric (relating to the physical body) and therefore inherantly very fearful. The personality or mask is also the ego.

The entire battle of self- actualization therefore boils down to one basic choice- simple but not easy- will you live with the mask or will you live without it? Living without the mask is a great calling- the highest calling- it is the path of Love- living in soul is the path of love. Twin flame love cannot manifest without living in soul. It is therefore errant to imagine one could be united with their twinsoul without the rite of passage that love demands- which is: first to thine ownself be true (ownself here referring to soul) or as Jesus so eloquently put it- what will it serve a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul? People wake up- the time to recoginize and live with soul mind has arrived.


  1. I am here at my computer irronically…with tears in my eyes… My heart is pounding and my breath was taken away… I had to stop reading to collect myself… Not only am I sure (well as close to sure as my mind will let me wrap around right now) that I have been in a twin/soul relationship for the past 8 years but now that I have “allowed” myself to open back up to him… I think I may have had some type of out of body experience today on my way home from work!!! If any one doesn’t think I’m crazy ( I feel that way right now…very panicky…) and has any advice (besides the looney ben…lol…) please contact me… Thanks… I dont want to turn this off, but dont understand whats going on either???

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