Up Dates for Lady Dyanna

Lady Dyanna updating you

Well I have seen several good snow storms since I last posted. I am now giving the site a face lift.. So if the pages don’t all match no need to panic it is still Lady Dyanna’s. Added New features: Daily Tarot & Daily Rune Readings. Now all returning clients who have used Click4Advisor can get free minutes and so can new Click4Advisor callers. The Info is on my home page.I am now accepting International Calls through Click4Advisor and Ether, for all of my clients that are accustomed to calling through 800 numbers you can now reach me through either of these methods. Check the Specials pages for those who prefer pc to pc calling, e-mail, or chat readings there will be specials and new payment methods available for you. Thank you for your patience during my sites growing pains.

I have promised to keep everyone updated on the Twin Flame/ Twin Soul Relationships. I am happy to congratulate several of my clients on their twin flame/twin soul relationships and the positive out come and progress. Patience and work both spiritual and physical always pays of for these special relationships. Again a big CONGRATULATIONS to you!!!!!