The Power of Vision

Last month I bought an S-Type Sapphire Blue Limited Edition Jaguar. Now besides it being a nice car, I’m thrilled to tell you how I acquired it. Vision!

Yes, I’ve been thinking of buying the Jaguar for about two years. In fact, I have a folder in my computer labeled Project Freedom and Discovery, a sub-folder called The Golden Pages. My visions made a reality that clearly reads, I own a S-Type Jaguar. I believe I made that declaration in 2002. Well, the car has been manifested in reality. It is in my driveway right now!

Many of us have heard of “The Secret” by now, maybe even getting tired of hearing about it or wondering if it works. Some are sure that it does, while others want to believe it works. They keep watching it over and over but it’s those moments when things just don’t happen fast enough that one questions it.

Unfortunately, it is the questioning of anything you dream that could make it not work. You might question “The Secret” which in turn actually makes the power of attraction concept very accurately stated, what you think about you bring about. If you doubt it works, then it doesn’t.

I’ve always believed that the things you think you can achieve, you can and will manifest and I’ve been pretty adamant about it. I never questioned whether I would own theJaguar. Never! If anything, the question was when?. When would be the right time to purchase it?

Many of my own successes and failures have come from the mere fact that I only THOUGHT of it in the beginning. The miracles that people in my circle come to wonder about happened because I was willing to think about it, visualize it and go for it.

The irony of it all is some people used to say to me, this doesn’t make sense, I don’t understand you or the all time favorite, you talk funny and communicate weird. Some rebelled against me and what I was teaching. Some said some pretty nasty things yet somewhere within their heart, they knew it worked. Where are they now! I wonder? Some are doing the work and manifesting dreams, while others are trying to get out of quicksand.

Where are you in making your dreams a reality, in quicksand or manifesting? Either way, life presents us with opportunities to move forward or take a step back. In each moment, we have that choice and we have the choice to take it or leave it.

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  1. I have been a big fan of ‘The Secret’. I read the book it was inspired by ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ and have come across many others in the same vein. I understood and believed in the concept but it is the everyday surprises that make me realize that I am manifesting miracles as we speak. The universe is slowly but surely making it happen. As you say, it takes time and during that time lapse it is easy to start doubting. I have the same vision for a car but mine is a white Honda Accord Coupe. Not the fanciest car ever but I feel and see myself driving that car from the Mexican colonial city I now live in (yes, i manifested that!) to the Mayan riviera ( I see signs of manifesting that soon, I visit often).

    In the meantime, I have visions of working for several companies off site at a time and hiring a team of people to do the grunt work while I delegate with an eye on the big picture. Well just two days ago, my employer did some restructuring that allows me to work on my own pace AND I have a side project that has potential to turn into a full time job AND in two weeks I will hear from another company that may employ me for my talents as well. I am fully confident that my vision is in the process of coming true.

    In the meantime, I have come across a mini spiritual enlightment that I know is one step closer to the twin flame i hope to unite with. I believe I have already met him and he is the person that helped me reach this enlightment in the first place. I am unsure as how things will unfold since I know he is married, while I made the consious desicion over a year ago to end mine to ensure I was ready for the man I was born to be with. Here I am…..with open arms and heart…and sure that all will fall into place in the order and time it needs to.

    Life is amazing!

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