Seeking Your Twin Flame

Looking for your Twin Flame  or Twin Soul?

So you are seeking your twin flame or twin soul? You are not having a lot of luck finding that elusive relationship.
You have met lots of people who might work. They turn out to be not at all what they initially seem or they want something different from what you think a twin flame or twin soul relationship should be. You met someone whose energy zinged with yours or so it seemed but there were other problems with this person. They could not possibly be your twin flame or twin soul they were just too different from what you expected.
Here is what you may be doing wrong:
1] You may not be seeking from a spiritual place within your self. You may think that you are but chances are that you started there but drifted away from it.

2] You are allowing your physical ideas and ideals of who this person should be override the spiritual connection that indicates the true twin flame/twin soul relationship.

3] You are most likely taking advice about what to expect from sources that do not have a twin flame or twin soul.

4] You may expect the relationship to follow the same patterns of every relationship you have had in the past.

5] You have actually found the twin flame/twin soul but is in denial because of a myriad of differences that would make a none spiritual/soul based relationship fail. So you are not giving it a chance but off seeking the ideal person again.

6] You have not realized that ideal physical attributes [looks, race, age, income, career, etc…] does not necessarily go with a twin flame/twin soul relationship. And that a deep and abiding love is possible even if the ideal physical attributes are not all present.

20 Replies to “Seeking Your Twin Flame”

  1. I believe someone who is very famous could be my twin flame, but I might be wrong.

    Please don’t think I’m one of the obsessed fans, because I have never ever thought about this man in any special way before and he has been in this entertainment world for years, I have seen some of his films, none of its had any impact on me, but recently after watching a film that he was in, I suddenly became curious about him and I went on the internet to find more information about him and I was shocked that we have many things in common from tragic events, family background, education level, which hand we use to write and many more.

    I don’t know whether he’s single or not, because on the internet it said he’s single, but is hard to believe someone as good looking as him is single. I am not single, I am married with kids and I love my husband, but I just can’t get this famous person out of my head, something on my mind keep telling me that there something about him. Am I going crazy?

    I do love my husband, but what I feel for my husband is different from how I feel for this famous person, this is nothing to do with lust, and is just something that I can’t explain, but very strong. Honestly, I don’t want to meet or be with this famous person, because I have my own family, also I don’t think I will enjoy living in his world. If by chance he’s in a place where I coincidence is in as well, I don’t think I will go near him and ask for signature or even say hello, because what if he’s my twin flame, then will be too much for me to handle.

    I swear I don’t know why I have feeling for this famous person, but I just feel there is something about him that make me can’t stop thinking about him lately, I am not a Christian, but yes I baptised before when I was young, but I never practised, so I am not exactly a good Christian. I heard about Twin Flame before, but never ever bother to read more about it, but lately I am curious about this.

    One thing that I find it very unusual is all the lines on both of this famous person’s palms are almost exactly the same as mine, because I have seen it on one of the pictures that he posed.

    Am I going crazy, am I? I swear I am not interested on his money, his celebrity status or his looks, I also not really interested on his films, I am not his ardent fans, but why am I now feel like I know him but at the same time I don’t know him, because we never ever interact physically.

    Please help me and tell me what is wrong with me.

  2. I have found my twin flames. From the beginning when I met him I knew there was something that connected us together at a deeper level. I have felt these intense emotions when his not around and this familiarity with him like I’ve known him all my life. We have been in each others lives for the past 3 years and I have falling madly in love with him despite our age difference which I don’t care. I believe his in love with me also. But has all these issues of running to the vices of men which are women. Though our friendship has grown a great deal, I don’t know how to win his heart. I discover this term Twin flames when a psychic mention it during a reading and mention the energy of this man around me and said we were twin flames. I just thought he was my soulmate, but the intensity between us is beyond soulmate energy. Any suggestions on how to deal with man. I pray a lot for him and have seen some changes in him. I want him to see me as a woman. Also, we have achieve a great deal of things together for each other. Yet we are not lovers or romantically involve but I’m crazy about him.

  3. Please help me …

    Iam 21 year old girl..i have been dating a guy since 4 months. I havee never actually been in any relationship. i am a one man only woman. I always believe that God will give me my right man at the right time….so i never even search…i believe when it is time…he will come to me.
    Before actual meeting this giy, i felt that maybe my time is coming near to meet my guy…i dont know why but i felt it …..when i met this guy, i wasnt even looking for anyone…i was happy in my life…he was a person which i would never want, i mean i had this good big list for my man…and this guy hardly fulfill’s any of those. he got initially attracted to me , i just spoke to him as a friend. i even hated him sometime….dont know why….we met alot coincidentally …it was like a pull, i wanted to seehim again and again…and he too…from the momnet our relationship started i felt that this was the wrong guy, i tried ditching him again and again but i would start talking to him again…..its like a magnet…which doesnt seem to keep us apart…about love, he says he loves me but i never experienced love in my life, i life him but i dont know about love. i miss him yes…..when i dont talk to him, his voice kind of soothes me….actually from years i have my perfectman wish list…and he doesnt fulfills it…and i feel this makes him less attractive towards me….i feel iam materialistic…..initially i wasnt serious with him but now ithink iam getting involved…now my activities are getting disturbed because of him…i keep thinking about him….i dont know why, this scared me and i try to ditch him again and again thinking that it would effect my life….
    I also got the dreams of rainbow twice before two months, does that mean anything? i dont want to fall in love with thw wrong man , i want to fall in love only with my twinflame…he is deeply in love with me, i dont know how i feel…iam confused….he is really sweet, cares for me ,apologizes for his mistakes, he does alot but iam driven by superficial stuff which he doesnt have….its weird how he came in my life, i never expected anyone to come….he makes me feel like a princess,…keeps on complimenting me boosting my selfesteem, helping me spiritually( he is religious)….he has a different nationality, different class…..but i guess our heart is very similar, the way we think about people our morals and values….ne thing i like in him is his language, i was always attracted to this language and now he is helping me learn it !!!
    IN the begining of our relationship, we were badly attracted sexually(i kissed him and all that but not sex), we couldnt it still for sometime, i felt weird the way i was sexually attracted to him, i thought it was just lust…but now its little different.Even he says that it is weird that he got attracted to a girl of a different nationality, and he also says that he feel this for the first time. i want to ditch this guy, cos i dont want to be dependent on anyone….but i keep attracting him in my life….what do i do? is he a soulmate, karmic mate or twinflame? please help me Lady Dyanna.

  4. Our telepathic linkages are also very strong….he calls me when i thnk of hima and viceversa….i feel really sad and bad deep from my heart when he is sad….i wish i could do something for him…..which would make me feel beter.With him iam very open, i tell him everything and i guess its the same with him….i sense the way his mood is …always.
    when we are toghther hours pass by….still we feel we want to stay together for more time….
    Ima scared because he is affecting my life alot….should i ditch him ??i dont know what to do….please help me …

    1. I would recommend that you visit the forum it is listed on the right side of this page. There you will find information that will help you, you are also invited to chat with me on the forum.

  5. Dear Dyanna

    i have a very strong feeling that i have found my twin soul,but i am confused as there are lots of problems between us n the relationship is not at all going anywhere i am totally confused what should i do if we were never meant to be together then why did we meet? is there any way where i can confirm that is he my real twin soul or am i in msome illusion ?
    Please Help

  6. I do have a twin soul, I know who it is. I embrace it, but he doesn’t, he is so much in denial of everything in life. So it’s not me who doesn’t give it a change, but he isn’t. How can someone make the other open up for a twin relationship like that? I’m not seeking for a sexual relationship, more like brother and sister.

    1. By becoming their true selves because that is what a twin soul relationship is really about…It is a spiritual journey that begins when you realise that you have a twin releasing ego/personality and embracing your true self your . Until you can show him the true self/soul that you are he has no reason to give the relationship a chance because it is not a twin soul relationship it is just another ego/personality union.

  7. I was wondering what if one is in a relationship with another person? What are you suppose to do then because from what i see twins are suppose to be together. is it possible to just be twins without being a couple?

    1. The union will be if it is meant to be…and twin soul unions are…however we do not work on making the union in the physical we do it in the spiritual by becoming our true selves…our TF’s physical forms will mirror our progress. or the lack thereoff

  8. I believe that I have met my twin flame and do everything I can to avoid the relationship.. Though, because of past behaviours and circumstance i feel that I am being forced into this relationship universally and also by other people and maybe even God… I have completed our natal charts and it says that there is alot of mutation and misunderstanding (enough to ruin a whole life time) so I wonder do I have to be in this relationship an’ will I continue to face other problems and bad luck if I do not enter into the relationship.. Will it affect my Karma? Is it possible to have a relationship with the twin soul for a time and then leave that relationship until another time…It’s all scary stuff..

  9. When I met my twin my whole world view changed. I remember many past lives, I started really noticing phenomena like telepathy and knowing what is going on intuitively. I has helped me tremendously on my spiritual path and opened me up to be brave and realize all I can do in this incarnation.
    It is troublesome though, that all the stuff that will go on in any close ego based relationship are like amplified a hundered times with him. I feel ALL his shit and it is not at all as simple an affair to get it out as when it is somebody elses.
    This does help me get one pointed in cleaning out any old shit of mine that he may hook on to, and to really see the patterns we bring from other incarnations, and be disciplined enough to change my part in them.
    Most of all it is painful, despite the constant thankfulness for experiencing something this enormous, that we cannot live and do our mission together yet. I know we will be one again, and that all is well. But it is hard to give up on the constant urge to live the light together here and now.
    What I see in every couple of twins is happening to me as well: They have to match when it comes to level of psychological and spiritual maturity or the contamination will affect the lighter one in a big way. For the connection is on every level. Not only the spiritual one. I try console myself and others with the knowledge that on the highest level we can always enjoy this fully and benefit from it in such an increadibly beautiful way. But if we feel bad and strange and wasted it is not our imagination and it is not that this is not our twin. As more and more twins meet up on earth right now, I guess this issue, like the one of the importance of cleaning out emotional luggage from this life and past lives, will be more widely spoken about.

  10. Lady Dyanna, please help me with this….

    i met my twin flame in 2005 we consummated and it was a spiritual experience. i was immature relationship wise and had alot of baggage. We would see the each other maybe twice a year and each reunion felt like we never skipped a beat…in 2007 he was deployed to Iraq and we talk very frequently. He asked me to move with him to Texas and i got scared because i wasn’t ready to take that leap. After a year in Iraq he came home, however i hadn’t spoke with him for 3mos prior to his homecoming. When he contacted me he had already been home 3 weeks…this angered me b/c i was scared that he was dead hence the reason i had not heard from him the last 3 mths of his tour. When he contacted me it was a simple text like im home i’ll call you when i get off from work…i was furious because i thought (my ego) i deserved a more wordy discussion…I then sent an embarrassing email detail our sexual encounters to his colleagues, friends and family (unbeknown to me family-wise). He was furious with me..the next night i went out with some friends and was discussing with them what i had done. I mentioned that I wished I had told him that i was going to a specific nightclub so he could show up, take me home with him and have passionate, physically intense sex. well as we were in the club for a while me and my friends were in a dimly lit part of the club and out of the blue someone taps me on my shoulder. I turn around and to my utter surprise it my friend/lover/tf…he says to me “be careful what you do b/c you never know where ppl will show up” i was floored but remained surface-ly cool. he was calm but upset and registered hurt in his eyes. i was unemotional but tried to console him with touch he said what he had to say then walk back over to his homeboi on the other side of the bar….i was telling my friend who he was and she was shocked too…i then said if a milli by lil wayne came on that i would walk over there to him…as i was saying this the dj mixed it in and played it just like that…shocked again…i proceeded to walk toward him and dance with him…he did not resist me this time and said to me “i’m ready to leave, are you coming with me?” that was a no-brainer…i let my friends know that i was leaving with him…when we got to his spot we immediately engaged one another….he did all the sexual things that i sayed i wanted him to do to me aloud to my friends,on the way to the club. Mind you we never did the erotic things we did let alone discuss that we wanted to do these specific things, it was scary that he did them all…despite what i had done, he said he wanted me everyday, with emphasis…i rejected him…after the intense soul-bonding he stated that he don’t think he ever wants to see me again…i was devastated, but held my silence…i was too devastated to speak..i had gotten a text from older sister that very next morning that reference deep love and something about opening up to your true love…He acted like he never said what he said and had this loving aura toward me….open my car door for me….was super playful with me…i had never saw this playful side of him…i was so confused…i was also in no mood to be playful because of what he said still had me in shock. when wen got to my place, before i got out of the car he said “is there anything you have to say?” I paused and said no, got out the car and sullenly walked to my building…he just sat there in the car looking at me. I sent him a email msg a day later to apologize and asked if we could remain friends…he said yea…but he held a grudge with me. As the months went by we saw one another twice in a year and a half period it would have been more but my ego kept intervening…i sent a few distasteful emails to him, just him. He has been overtly tolerant of me…but i kept regressing to hurting him verbally.we have a deep metaphysical connection that scares me at times….i said some extremely hurtful thins a week ago to him because i was hurt that he had moved away w/o telling me….i went bananas onhim to the point he said i was”dead to him from this pont on”. I sent him an email the next day stating that i was hurt tht he had moved away and was easier to express anger than hurt that i wanted to clear the air with him. he does this silent treatment thing that drives me nuts and that what he does in moments like these and the only thing that will break his silence is when i say the most hurtful things i can muster…I am undergoing a spiritual transition…it started earlier this year, yet i had regressed to ego and now i am back on my path…he is going preparing for a spiritual transformation starting in Jan2011…i sometimes, most times feel mentally, spiritually, emotionally obsessed/consumed by him…like he has some powerful hold over me…i said that to him and he never confirmed or discounted my hunch…but i know he knows Im on to him. i have never in my life of 31 years felt so deeply connected to anyone but him…not even a fraction of it….any suggestions to remedy this situation??? i see you’ve advised to get in touch with own spiritual/inner self and he will mirror my growth…i believe that that is great advice…anything further you may add??? i know my post is long, but i wwanted you to have a clear understanding of our history…thank you for your help! ~sylvia

  11. I met my twin soul one and a half years ago through mutual friends. After speaking with him I KNEW something was different. We were drawn to each other by a magnet that was unstoppable. Every time we looked into each others eyes we were looking into mirrors, we even look alike (in the eyes)! I lived a few hours away at the time and our lifestyles did not permit a relationship at the time. I fell in love with him the first week of knowing him and I thought I was insane so I hid my emotions. This drove me crazy and our friends started to notice. It seemed as if every single one of our mutual friends started bad mouthing me while we were living apart because they were jealous and didn’t understand what we were going through. I felt him while we were apart as if he were sitting right next to me. My heart would beat so hard as if it were going to jump out of my chest onto the floor. I had dreams night after night, sometimes woke up crying in my sleep for him. For months, I felt like I was on drugs and couldn’t focus. HE was all I could think about, dream about and it made me incredibly sad not to have him. I lost so much weight because I was heartbroken. After six months of our breakup I got a job offer in his city, literally days after quiting my job where I lived at the time. I knew God brought me to him, everything from there led me to him without me doing anything to make it happen. Meanwhile, some of our friends started rumors about how I was stalking him, etc.. We are bound together by some very negative forces who have influenced him drastically. Even though this has happened, I still feel a pull to this day when we see each other. He can’t be next to me for that long or look me in the eye anymore, he even told me I freak him out. When things go wrong between us, I end up running into him in public several says in a row or if I travel to another city for work I find out he is there also! Lately, he has been pushing me away saying he doesn’t want to be with me or in a relationship. I feel as if he is lying to me, I feel as if he is insecure and unable to figure out why he can’t stop this thing between us. He seems to have some animosity towards me that I do NOT understand. Three months ago, he told me to give “it” some time but couldn’t tell me what I was giving time for. I am lost, confused and trying to “let go”. I can’t bare to look, touch or be with another man. Will I ever be able to want another? Am I doomed with this torture for the rest of my life? He lives three miles away and it feels like he lives states away now. I haven’t seen any signs lately, does this mean it’s the end for us or just time to focus on myself? I want to tell him about Twin Souls so he will understand but I’m affraid he’ll think I’m nuts!! HELP PLEASE!

    1. perhaps the animosity stems from the fact that you are not taking the spiritual action necessary to make the relationship work and much less emotionally painful for both of you

  12. I honestly don’t know what to say here. Came searching to find out if there was something beyond the tie of soulmate. My gf said to me last night that she thinks we are soulmates and at one time I would have agreed with that. But now, it seems too… limited and small. Like we have outgrown that stage. Or like looking down from a rooftop and seeing “soulmates” on a balcony far below.

    Twin flame/soul… I admit that I don’t know much about it, but after some searching if anyone had described something beyond soulmate. I now believe it truly is one soul that we do share. When we are together, I am, we are complete.

    I admit that we both need to work on different aspects of our lives, but I get the feeling that it will slip together without much effort.

  13. Please help me…… My love for him is getting stronger. I just don’t know what to do, my heart longs for him all night long, eveing when we are far apart: I know it’s not yet time for us to met. I just can’t stop thinking about him,without him I’m incomplete. Eveing thought we are opposite but i like it and accept him regraudless of his ways. I feel it with in me deeper then the blues of oceans and sea. It keeps cutting me; cuts through me like a sword, the deep emotions is past my soul, past my spirit but I feel it in my inner being my spirit. I love him why is it like that. I m trying to fight it everyday but the more I run and hide, the more love is trying to find me.I can feel him with me as one I feel his love of energy all flowing through me. Why is that? whats going on is I’m crazey tell me what this is?

  14. Dear Lady Dyanna,

    me & my Twin Ray (as the angels call him) met in 2002 & became friends (kinda) in 2006 we became lovers & we have had what one would call a very turbulent friendship & relationship, we have come together, pulled apart etc etc – mostly the pulling away has been done by my partner (even now I call him my partner though we haven’t been in a ‘real kind’ of relationship for some time) he is nine years younger than me, anyway we have done many hurtful things to each other, but it appears we can’t stay away from each other & also we turn to each other when we really need each other & are there for one another. We are both adult survivors of childhood abuse & we have our mixed up issues to deal with, we have (me particularly) have had a number of very traumatic things happen to us over the years, we’ve had relationships with other people – he had quite a serious one where he was living with the girl for almost a year – but even then he kept coming back to me, I got pregnant & lost our baby a couple of years ago. I haven’t had a serious relationship mainly because I’m too in love with my TF & don’t see the point of being with anyone else – but also because my daughter was very ill with a brain condition, she was given the all clear in July last year – the next day I bumped into my TF & things started up again very slowly & he was still with this girl so I kept shirking him, but they’ve split up recently (for good this time I think) & we have been together physically since – I was going through a really hard time & he came round to look after me & we ended up in bed as we always do. Things seem different this time – he is still very contradictory tells me he wants to take his ‘next relationship’ slow & have long slow sex, so I said so you want to make love & he said yes, I said we always did it that way & he just laughed & later tried to drag me in the back street for a quickie – I know some people would say he’s just using me for sex but the truth is it would be very easy for him to get sex somewhere else, he’s always making sure he sets up ‘accidental’ meetings between the two of us & tells me where he is going to be (I don’t go – unless I’m very worried about him) earlier on in our relationship I’d have chased him, but I won’t do that now – he keeps saying he’ll come round to the house but then doesn’t – he is with me in some respects, like when we see each other even out on the street there is a massive amount of flirting & touching from him, but then he says things like “I don’t want a relationship.” “I just want to have some fun” “I need some time on my own” “I do want to get married & have kids but not for at least another five years.” & I’m thinking well the fact that he’s talking about it is progress & he used to say he’d never get married or have kids – so maybe that’s something too. I am a medium & I know we are meant to be together spirit have told me this & that we are twin flames & I know it myself, but because we are meant does that mean it will happen? I even know what our mission & contract is but my mind says maybe yr just a temporary measure till he finds a girl he sees as ‘girlfriend material’ ‘the kind he want’s to marry’ but when I do automatic writing my Guardian Angel Tomas tells me that we are to be together in this lifetime (physically – I checked that) to provide our service by fulfilling our contract & mission & it is ordained & God’s will & even though we hace free will – God’s will is stronger & therefore ultimately we will come together no matter how much either of us fight it. For me I don’t want to fight it but it’s been 9 yrs now & I’m sick of being stuck in this limbo – don’t want to live like this forever I want a life partner someone to share life with & I can’t have it with anyone else until our feelings issues are resolved – spirit have advised me to heal myself from within therefore healing my twin so he is more open to our love. Please advise – do I shut the door or be a little more patient?xxxx

  15. I don’t know where to start. I am a Christain and Jesus Christ is my Lord and savior. This is the differance for me. I belive in the in living as Christ lead for us to live. That is with great love, and the light. Not just in words. But to become the love and light. So what happens is there are some new age believes that I believe in. Not doubled minded, because even though I believe in the christ mind I believe that Jesus is the savior of the world. I believe in my twin ray and that he is out there somewahere. So I just want to know how (47 yr old)healthy Jesus loving vegan that does not fit into anyones box finds her twin ray.
    Help if you can.

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