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Roller Coaster Ride Relationships could it be a twin flame relationship

I find that many people who are involved with their Twin Flames/Twin Souls grow “tired” of the roller coaster ride that the relationship sometimes takes. They abandon it long before they understand why it is a roller coaster ride. On many levels they know the relationship is different it zings them in the heart and the soul. But past that they expect it to take the same pattern and shape as every other relationship they have had. What would be the purpose of that? A twin flame/twin soul relationship requires us to dig deep within our inner being and bring forth the very soul from which this relationship was created. If we refuse to do that then the roller coaster ride becomes unbearable. This is when we begin to seek an easier relationship. One that does not require so much of us. That is okay if it is truly what you want. To me it is the difference between a salt less saltine cracker and a Ritz cracker. Yes your palate may be happy with the blandness for a short while, but for a life time? Even though the relationship does not require as much of us. Does it give us what we need? Or does comfortable bland become uncomfortable nothing. At which point we reverse engines and try to put passion, emotions and fire into the relationship. Either way you are going to work at the relationship unfortunately putting fire and passion into something that had none in the beginning may prove to be harder than learning how to manage the roller coaster ride which does mellow out but never becomes stagnant. So is there really an “easy” relationship?

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  1. I honestly believe that my masculine twin has been in an easy relationship for years to not go on the roller coaster of twinship.

    My question now is..When twin souls are going through their separation phase of enlightenment, is it possible a twin soul can sense when a reunion is near?

  2. Yes it is possible to sense that a reunion is near. It does not however mean that the awareness will move the union forward. An individual may remain where they are for many reasons none of which may belong to the souls involved, but to the physical beings involved. Many times the person feels that their physical commitments are more important than their soul commitments and choose the physical commitments over the soul.

  3. Hi DivineLove, when you said that the awareness does not mean that it will move the union forward, do you mean, the union forward in spiritual terms? What if both partners were wholly and deeply spiritually aware in the initial meeting and then one of them suddenly withdraws after a period of time, what do you think would be the outcome in a situation like this during reunion, after separation?

    1. There is an article here that will help you with that. Also additional answers may be found at the Discussion Board. But to give you a quick answer it is possible to work it out so the relationship manifest in the physical as that is what it is supposed to do.

  4. Dear lady Dyanna, i have recently purchased your book online. im going to be receiving it soon by mail. you are THE ONLY person I have come across who offers a common sense guide while no other. thank u very much for taking the time to explain the twin soul phenomenon in such great detail and so meaningfully. I am myself a highly intuitive person and i would like to probably schedule an appointment with you after i read the book. Thanks so much for your great work.

  5. i know 1 thing this relationship is too hard to make it work u should be a perfect being no drugs no sex and no ego u should just give and it will work but i couldnt do it untill now, i just wonder why every morrning i wake up i start to imagine bad things and that effect my relation but after houers i work on my mind and even signs from god make our relation perfect but next morning i think deferent what can i do ?

    1. focus on your inner being, higher self, soul, and listen to that voice only..do not be distracted by the whispers that affect ego… and consider releasing the thing from your life that is not a reflection of your God…

  6. I was blessed to find my twin flame who ironically was my first boyfriend 25 years ago. It was like an electrical charge when we met up again. The following week we went on our first date and we have been inseperable ever since. We were married last October, after we began discussing marriage the second week we were dating. It is truly a relationship that is hard to explain due to its intensity but it is the most rewarding feeling I believe can ever be attained. My twin was in a very long relationship (more than 16 yrs),and refused to get married, knowing she wasn’t the “one”. We discussed marriage after two weeks! Anyone lucky enough to experience this should feel truly blessed!

  7. I know of a male that can not handle me. It makes me truly sad. I have “teased” and dangled a carrot type thing and he just won’t deal. I feel obsessed. I’m not like up in his house or anything like that obsessed just in the my mind, we should get along. As long as I’ve known him, I’ve been very drawn to him and I know deep down he I. However, he can’t handle it. I am ready to move on because he will not speak with me but can not do it. I still hold out hope, still try to reach him and he won’t budge. He considers a roller coaster ride. However, i was just hiding true feelings, part of my maturity. He just blocks me out, part of his maturity. We are both married and man he will not give. I meditate because I know it can be achieved if it is true but when I stop to truly think about it, logically, not emotionally, spiritually, I feel like he blocks me out on purpose to hurt me. Why is this? Why can’t he “talk” about it type thing? Or does he really want me out and is a twin suppose to do that? I know who he is and I know he knows with me but he will not recognize it.

    1. The physical body is not the twin soul, it is not the soul…and the body chosen by the soul to represent it in the relationship does not have a reason to enter into a union with your ego/personality. It will only become a physical union when the union is recognized as a spiritual one and the true selves are brought forward…releasing the ego and becoming your true soul self will be how to get his attention and keep it.

  8. When i meet my husband. It was an experience beyond words. It was so cosmic.I knew him from somewhere. When he spoke it was like a song to my inner being. A connection i can not explain.We are now married. Both of us have illnesses and disabled. We use to play with each other a lot. I don’t just sex. I mean the touching and talking. The little things people seem to over look. Now we don’t touch,kiss,fondle,play or have sex.We still have our communications. We talk about everything, except the fact of his discission to give up on all the above mentioned due to health. it has resorted to masterbastion relief of the physical tension. However just is not feeling as completely satisfied.Not sure how to put it. I have given up on the thought of feeling his touch,playing,fondling and sex. However the pain i feel is soulish. As if i just lost everything in him. What does this mean and how do i connect with him again?

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