Difficulties What Do they Mean?

Relationship Difficulties

I have been asked many times why is it so difficult to make the relationship work.
Perhaps it is the nature of the relationship that makes it difficult. It is a spiritual based union in a world that does everything in accordance with physical needs and desires. Many relationships are chosen based on some physical formula. Perhaps the person you are attracted to fits a perceived “need” that you have in your life, but what happens when the “need” is fulfilled do you continue the relationship? Move to another relationship to fill another perceived “need”? With a spiritual based relationship it is the souls visualization and desires that are being met. Fortunately the souls have a complete awareness of all that is waiting for you and what you need to get there. The relationship becomes difficult when you try to force it to follow the path of your perceived “need” of the moment. When we focus on what we “need” and “want” instead of creating a situation to cover those needs and wants we create a reality of needing and wanting. Now usually soul awareness and ability to provide what you need out class what you think you need by a country mile. You are insisting on physical communication and therefore you blow up the persons cell phone and e-mail but the communication between the souls is a continuous calm communication that need no physical equipment and you the physical body can take part in that communication process with better success than you have with modern technology. It only requires you to focus on your own soul and your twin souls soul to begin the communication process. Amazing there is no time when he/she will not respond to your call. The other problem with leaving the spiritual out and working only with the physical is that it opens the door for chaos to intervene and interfere.
Recently I “planned” a move. It would bring me to an important place in my spiritual journey and closer to someone important to me. Interestingly enough from the moment I accepted the directions from soul to proceed chaos stepped in with a series of set backs that would in normal circumstances have stopped the progress cold. I believed that my souls visualization for me was accurate. She had shown me that what I should have to continue my spiritual journey awaited me. Based on that I trusted that if she could perceive this and show me where I need to be she could also provide me with the means to be there. Despite the set backs and the continuous financial drains I forged ahead. On several occasions it seems the best choice would have been to just give up as the situation became more problematic. I am happy to say I arrived at my destination all is as she promised. Better than I expected and proceeding as my soul visualized it. All that I can say is what my soul visualize and desire for me is much better than what I could physically bring forth. There is nothing wrong with my ability to manifest just the difference in what my soul is able to visualize and I am able to perceive. When I accept what my soul visualized for me all I really need is faith to see things through to the completion that my soul visualized and to know that we are never given a dream without the ability to manifest it. The key is to have faith in your souls visualizations and desires for you and in his /her ability to manifest what they have visualized, especially in a relationship that belongs to her/him.. They have an advantage of having done it many times before and having overcome the obstacles that have tried to separate them in the past. They can do it again and again the only time they are unable to move a situation to it’s true outcome is when you put your fears and your doubts in the way and add your perceived “needs” to the list of other obstacles. It is easy to overcome outside interference but hard to battle your self. The difference between what we think we need is that we are focused on that need and the rest of the picture go unseen we forget what we have been shown. We forget the souls power to manifest through us what it has visualized for us. If you feel that things are not going as they should then step back and refocus your energy to “what my soul visualize and desire for my life is mine now”. Once you do that watch the picture unfold and the events move rapidly into the proper sequence that will bring you what you desire. If you move a few steps forward and then take over the controls again and slip back into your “needs” and Wants don’t be shocked when things fall apart again. That is just the nature of the situation and it is what makes the relationships so difficult. It is the tools that you apply and if the job needs soul to be completed and you shut soul out because you have hit a bump in the road then the bump becomes a mountain. If you continue your path hand in hand with soul to complete his/her relationship the bumps are just that bumps. There is no situation in a twin flame relationship that the souls involved can not over come except the bodies shutting them out and taking the reins in their own hands. This applies to any spiritual path and any place you are on that path. All is never lost unless the bodies perception overrides the souls awareness and knowledge.

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  1. I must say Lady Dyanna is the first person I have ever spoken to that seems to speak the Truth on this topic. I have done my homework and I know some of you have been told that “these twin soul relationships should be easy and there should be no hardship” or that they “often are not ment to come to fruition”; you have been given information most likely by someone who has never been through it or just gave up. Please listen to Lady Dyanna she has worked so hard with all of her blogs, classes, readings, books, articles and so on… she knows what this is all about… she’s telling the truth. It is not easy it takes a lot of work; it gets really difficult sometimes and really confusing too but all the while if you trust your soul then you know the truth. The phrase “What my soul visualizes and desires is mine now” will always bring you back on track. Thank you Lady Dyanna and Please keep up your good work Thank God someone has made the decision to specialize with this type of relationship and actually tell the truth. I can not stand when people cop out by saying that “these relationships sometimes aren’t ment to come to fruition” Thats just a way to rationalize giving up. THESE RELATIONSHIPS HAVE ALREADY BEEN BROUGHT TO FRUITION OTHERWISE YOU WOULD NOT BE INVOLVED IN THEM.
    Thanks again Lady D. you are a wise soul and I’m so thankful for your help.
    – Twins1111

  2. The comment above is so brilliantly worded. I agree every bit with the commenter and what I most agree on is the fact that many people outside the relationship consider it a ‘not meant to be’ and ‘move on’. Moving on is what you do when your time together in a conventional relationship has ended. In a truly spiritual relationship, you will have grown within yourself the inner beauty of letting go or letting your partner learn the lessons in spirit, but you can never move on. Yes the essence of the other one is always and will always be found within oneself. Yes the fact that the same soul in two separate physical bodies are involved, even though temporarily separated, has already come to fruition in the physical.

  3. Well, I’m in a lot of trouble. I’ve found my twin but he is married with the perfect woman and lives in his perfect world. And they are so alike, and have a child. I can see his belief system won’t easily allow him to admit the feelings he has for me… Unfortunately, on my stupidity, I tried to force a physical contact, very simple, just a talk, and it had catastrophic consequences… now I am in a very unpleasant, delicate situation, not knowing what to do, since the most likely thing I’m going to do is going back home, crossing the ocean to try to resolve my issues alone, but leaving back my twin… which is not easy at all. Everybody, family, friends, are saying it is better to walk away and maybe with distance, we could solve it, but if I can’t force, how can I be back in touch again, after deciding to walk away, even if it is for a good reason? I’m not in peace with my land, so I guess is time to go back home, even though I’m leaving so many issues here as well… What should I do?

    1. Maria proximity is not necessary to make the union work, it is after all based on the souls. For now working with the souls and leaving the physical form out of it will allow you to do what you need to do on the spiritual level. However I do recommend that you apologize for being “pushy” on the physical with him. Unless you really need to leave the country that is also not the answer. If you desire a personal consultation please uses the call button. Let me see if I can not help you find some peace of mind and a workable solution.

  4. Maria, this is so weird and amazing at same time! i had similar situation!
    A couple of years ago i met my twin flame in my workplace (hospital), and he was also happily married and with 2 kids, he had a perfect life, and i was married at that time, my husband had very strong feelings for me, this turned me crazy because i didn’t know what was the right thing to do, if i was just being too obsessed with all this twin flame story or not. I decided to “go ahead” and force my contact with my twin flame and the results were also catastrophic, and so bad that i decided to end my marriage, leave my work and move back home to Canada (i was living in uk).
    That’s when things got better for me, i guess my hometown gave me new “energy” to embark calmly in my spiritual journey and to connect to my twin flame in a later and more evolved spiritual stage of our lives (i know that he’s working on that too, he changed his beliefs), main point here is: separation is hard but it can have outstanding results.
    However i agree country/ocean separation can be too drastic, it depends of your particular situation, my biggest regret was my separation of my ex-husband, i know that i left lot’s of karma unresolved with him, i had a soul/karmic connection with him and i totally blocked this connection/feelings for me when i met my twin flame, he could have also helped me on this spiritual journey and who knows, i could have lived a happy life with him, (never found anyone really interesting here to date,bf, marriage again, so in that area i’m “alone” here in canada, and him same thing ), i guess it’s my karma…
    Hope you find my story helpful. Love and all the best for you Maria.


    1. Excellent example of what happens when one treats a soul based relationship like they would any other relationship. Thank you Marilyn for sharing.

  5. Thank you so much Lady Dyanna and Marilyn,
    The situation is very similar to yours Marilyn, I had a boyfriend of 5 years and broke up with him because it wasn’t working anymore, even before meeting my twin, but mostly because I had met my twin; I also totally blocked him, as if he wasn’t part of my life anymore…
    The thing is, I also met my twin at workplace, and it was magical,it was amazing, he actually was responsible for me getting the job, and when we first met, I new who he was, and he knew who I was… since then, the energy was so strong that I felt very weird physical things near him, and it was so irresistible… we are so different, totally different…
    I didn’t know he was married, but then, after so much flirting and magical situations, I did the stupidest thing… and very unpleasant situations happened… I had to tell my ex since he is the only person I’ve got here, and he also has strong feelings for me and is helping me spiritually, as he always has…
    But of this I am very afraid, since my mother was once in a similar situation as well, when, as I now know, she got back in touch with her twin after some 40 years, and separated from my father, which caused me a big trauma (I was 10). The situation then was very much catastrophic too… and so far they haven’t been able to be together.
    I know I shouldn’t listen to my ego here, but I’ve just started doing some spiritual work, and can’t handle some things… don’t know how to… not so near him at work, and not being capable to talk about anything…

    Lady Dyanna, the very day of today I’ve realized I have to apologize to him, for being so childish… but really don’t know how, since near him I let my ego totally controls me…
    I tried to call you, but I’m in Europe, it hasn’t got through.

    1. Maria I would suggest you go here forum for assistance if you can not call, here you will find those who are traveling a similar path and can offer both assistance and encouragement.It is free. You may also send me a private message here.

  6. One more thing, my problem is really how to kill my ego, so my soul lives alone in my “house”, and I would deal with it, even though my actions may have already seriously damaged everything.. because, it seems more and more that I can’t decide for leaving the country. I realize I can’t act upon this, but how not? I don’t know… when I see him, hear his voice or laugh, feel his presence, I just can’t focus on what I’m doing… this is so hard for me…

    1. There is a way to deal with this, first if you wish to apologize you may do it via e-mail, note card or letter, make sure there are no references to how you feel only an apology for making him uncomfortable. Focus on your own inner essence/soul start by affirming that “you are one with your soul and no feelings emotions, thoughts, ideas and actions that does not belong to your soul occurs in your life”.,say that 21 times consecetively and daily until you feel comfortable with soul energy vs ego reactions.

  7. Lady Dyanna, the problem is that I’ve already talked about my feelings, and it has gone so wrong… him, on the other hand, hasn’t said a word about it, only about the great mess that happened… I was so wrong and it went so wrong that I can’t even think of it. I’ve already apologized by email, and tried to help him fix everything with is wife, but consequences are still to unfold for me, there are other people in the way and my actions, well… I was the most ingenuous I could have been… and I don’t even know how to get to my soul yet… Thank you so much for your great help.

  8. Is so wonderful to have found Lady Dyanna writings on the web. I too met my twin and he ran. I have been going crazy.. It was great from day one(all sorts of sameness..how many people like Tilapia and brussel sprouts in the same meal!..we do) and then one day he dissapeared, no phone calls or emails, or chat sessions. That was almost 5 months ago and I still can’t get him out of my head and heart. I’ve no previous marriages that cloud my view but he’s had two. When I read Lady D’s words of wisdom, I get calmed down and regain hope. There’s a physical distance too but even that I’ve read here is good to allow the spritual work(especially for me). I having been telling myself “what my soul visualizes and desires for my life is mine now” and I swallow the pill of patience and wait for him to reappear, when it is time. Let me take a double dose of that medicine….

  9. I’m trying to get approval to enter the forum, why does it take so long? thank you, jill

  10. I have been married to my best friend. The first time we met I “saw” her. After 12 years of a very difficult relationship we separated. During those years there were definitely spiritual connections. But we struggled financially and with my health. Before she decided to end the marriage and try another relationship because she felt very drained with ours we had a direct psychic connection. It was the first time we had experienced it. We felt joy and it brought as closer for a moment until she decided it was hogwash or a fluke. Now she has been with many physical relationships trying to find the right one that fits her. During that time she many misfortunes. One serious one she broke her wrist attempting a ski jump. During this time she stopped dating and we became close again and another spiritual connection was established but briefly again. It’s a roller coaster ride and I am weary from it that I’m deciding to let this go and move on. But I have a feeling if I begin a new relationship she will ‘feel’ it and maybe it would help her realize what we are because I think she doubts our special relationship. This has happened a year ago before she decided to leave. Without intention I meet someone online and had an emotional connection. She knew and felt this and became quite jealous and demanded to end my new friendship immediately. She said she have fallen in love with the first time– when I ignored her one night she drove in the middle of the snow storm in rage because I didn’t end the new friendship. If this her journey to find out I find myself struggling with the idea. It actually hurts to know she is dating. Any ideas to shed some light in my matter because I’m beat.

  11. I have to tell you that I did not have any idea what I had gotten myself into when I met him almost 8 years ago. We were instatnly attracted to one another and we had a very long term affair that grew into a very strong friendship. He is married, and has always been honest with me about sticking it out because he is a trying to be a good father. He has never told me anything that gave me the slightest idea that he would leave her for me and I have always dated and been in and out of relationships through the course of the last 8 years but we have always had some kind of connection. I called off our friendship about 3 or 4 years ago(we were no longer having an affair because I came in close contact with his wife once and I could not take it)after he called me extrememly upset that his wife was pregnant. I told him that he had to stop calling me and that we need to break things off because one, I could not take it and two, I felt that as a woman he needed to do what was right and give her the attention that she was going to need while she was having his baby. In about 2007 I was stricken with a deep sharp pain in my stomach and I immediately knew that something was wrong with him and I had not talked to him for quite a while, so I called him and to my surprise, that day was the day that he was leaving for Iraq. He got upset and told me that he didn’t know how he was going to be able to contact me and I told him not to worry because I was not calling to get started again, that I was merely checking to see if he was ok. On Mother’s Day this year, the man that I was in a relationship with asked me to marry him. I could not go through with it and I reached out to my lost love and we met. I wanted to see if I still had those deep feelings for him and indeed I did. We held each other and talked all night and did not want to let go when he had to work the next morning. He has asked me since then how deep my feelings were and are for him and if I would still have those feelings 10 years from now if this was how long it would take him to be free and clear of all his responsibilities. I told him that no matter what ever happened that I would always have these deep feelings for him and that time would not make any difference. We have since decided that we should be friends and be available to one another for anything that we might need. My problem here is that I am working on accepting this as a spiritual relationship and not letting my ego get in the way. I am working so hard and I can’t stop obssesing about him. He does not know this nor will I ever tell him how hard this is for me and I only text him once in a while to say hello how are you doing? Any advice on how to make this easier for me. He has stated that he is willing to work on our issue together, but I am afraid to involve him because he seems to be able to not talk to me or see me with no problems and I am trying to be strong. What do you think?

    1. One of the purpose of meeting your twin flame’s physical form is to let you know that it is time to begin your own unique spiritual journey to find your true self and bring that forward..Until you do there is not a lot that will happen with the TF relationship…So the key is working on your self and he will move forward as you do.

  12. Hello. I don’t know where to start…
    On August this year my relationship with a Soul Mate (a she) ended. Our relationship lasted almost 6 years. It was Very difficult to break although we know we wouldn’t get any further, we talked about it and both decided it was for the best. IN the beginnig was great and we worked everyday for our plans together but It was geeting very tiring relationship, fighting against everything and everyone!! We still love each other and we see everyday wich makes it harder!! This relation was very different from other relations. First time we saw each other we feel in love. The eye contact still touches us deeply. We felt we knew each other for along time and in physical contact,in intimacy it was magical I felt like leaving my body!! And after this wonderfull relation I met in my workplace my twin flame. A very strong and diferent energy (never felt that kind of energy) I felt in the presence of that person (a she aswell, lol). I was inconfortable and so was she. I know we both felted!! I don’t remember somethings I told her!! I tried to start to talk to her in facebook or msn but she’s running away!!! No communication at all!! She works in the same type of bussiness and lives near me (5km). And also she has a boyfriend and never had a girlfriend! What should I do? Since that first day (2 months ago) I can’t forget that energy, Her smile and kindness! IN meditation some times I visualise us in lotus position exchanging pink energy (my hand in her chest and her’s in mine), what does it mean? Can you give me any advice? thank’s ;)) Lots of love and light for you

  13. I had been in a relationship with this man for almost three years. We immediately felt a connection to each other, however, at the time we had both had bad relationships from the past and we were afraid. He had already began working on self healing, and removing his ego. One thing he was not able to get rid of was his jealousy. I was living in fear of being hurt. We had many wonderful times, and during those times we had a great relationship. We worked on my beliefs, but I stayed stuck in the here and now. His way of thinking confused me and caused turmoil in my heart and with our relationship. We knew that what we felt was something more than just physical love. It was almost electric. Any time we touched each other there was a buzz of electricity that ran throughout us both. Unfortunately, when we would fight, about kids, life, and such, it was just as intense. We were tearing each other apart. It wasn’t an abusive relationship, verbally or physically. We knew that at this time, we had to distance our selves from the emotional aspect of our relationship so that we did not destroy each other. That was in August, he moved out in November, on my birthday, but he took me out to dinner and we shared the night. I thought it was the most painful time in my life. My best friend was walking out of my life. We met a few times after that, but fear was still there. I called him up out of the blue on day, not knowing if he would answer, he did. I went over a saw him for a few minutes, he ask to hold my hand, and once again, the electricity ran through my entire body. A few days later he came to see me for just a few minutes, when he left he gave me a hug, and we both felt it. I longed for him so much, but he had to leave. We agreed to meet in a few days. This time he told me he had started to see his neighbor, because being without me was too much for him and he was going crazy. We talked half the night. He told me he believed we were soul mates, and we would be together again, if not in this life, in our afterlife. I cried and he told me not be be sad… we would be together again. I always thought we would get back together, in a few months. I have tried to talk to him, but he says he just can’t deal with his feelings for me right now. That he is happy with her, for now. He says he still believes we will be together, and he still loves me. He hugged me the last time we saw each other and had to push me away because he was feeling “our” electricity. Because of that he has shut me out. His feelings are so strong that he can not trust his self, therefor he can not see me. It isn’t a sex thing, it a soul thing. He knows this and so do I. He told me that if we are to be together again, I have to let him go now. How do I do this. I keep trying to forget about him, but I feel his presence constantly, which only makes me miss his physical body even more.
    I have told him I will respect his relationship, as hard as is it. I do not want him to leave her for me, I want him back, yes, but only if he wants it. I have ask him to go to a psychic with me, he has not responded. I even said she was welcome to come along. I want to heal myself so that I can be with him again. He is using her to block the feelings he has for me.
    I try to focus on my spiritual healing, but I feel I am getting worse instead of better, I have become depressed and am having anxiety attacks all the time. I know this is not healthy for me. But without him, I feel so incomplete. This has proven to be, bar far the most unbearable pain I have ever felt.
    I know if he would just come and send time with me, we would find a way to work it out. How can he believe what he does, and feel the way he feels, and still not want to listen to his heart?
    I am lost as to what to do?

  14. Thank you tremendously for putting this into perspective. I have been struggling with this for 10 years. I am going to try using the phrases you mentioned above, hopefully I will make some progress and possibly find some inner peace and resolution.

  15. Hi Dyanna, ive joined the site but havent been confirmed yet..
    Im hoping you or someone with deep inner insight can give me some wisdom.
    I met my twin flame 10 years ago. This was the true catylyst for my spiritual awakening, though i was already on the path. She is a spiritual teacher & healer & when i met her i already knew her. We started seeing each other as friends & after a year or so became more. The acceleration of our growth together is phenomenal.
    She is almost 60 & married & i am 39; she is loyal to her family, but not in love with her husband; but she has huge respect from her children & will not leave for that reason.
    About a year ago i met someone special, she is a beautiful soul & our connection especially in intimacy is divine. She is also spiritual & very much loves me. The whole time with her though i could not leave my twin; the connection there is so profound & from another plane, we tried to leave but just could not.
    Now i’ve broken up with my girlfriend & feel devastated inside to have lost her & the potential to have had a life, children, experiences together etc.
    I am constantly going back & forth within myself over it all & it has caused so much pain & challenge it is crazy.
    The connection with my twin is so profound, and i think when i truly listen to my soul, i know i cant leave & that these challenges are meant as catalysts to reveal the absolute nature of our reflected unity beyond any doubt by stripping back to the rawest point.
    But i also love the girl i have been with…
    Its so hard to have clarity over it all!
    Feedback is welcome, i am grateful to have read some excellent insight here, thanks so much to all

  16. just a quick edition; i feel inside myself that no matter which way i choose, there could have been “more”; much more for both paths; that makes it so hard, nothing is clear cut or easy.
    I do feel i never fully gave my girlfriend a chance by staying with my twin, but that also energetically i never “fully” resonated with her either.

  17. one more quick edition…
    the intimacy & sexuality is much more natural & beautiful with my girlfriend (ex) than it is with my twin for me…. but everything else with my twin is incomparable with any other human being!
    i am scared i guess i will regret this forever.

  18. Hello everyone 🙂
    It is so wonderful to find this site and to see some realistic information being presented.

    My twin and I met over a year ago after I completed my third major life lesson with a soulmate who happens to be my legal husband. My twin and I recognized each other immediately and our connection as twin souls was confirmed by a gifted psychic without our asking or discussing anything with her, she came to us with the information.

    From the first we wanted to be married in spirit in this life and so with him flying across the country we acknowledged our connection before our creator and with conscious intent pledged ourselves to our spiritual union.

    I have struggled very much with the ethical dilemma of leaving my legal husband with whom I share a life to live and work with my twin on the physical plane. For my twin and me there has never been that blindness of new love, it has always been about our core spiritual connection and what spirit directs. That is not to say that we do not experience the deepest intimacy, and the depths and heights of love and sex because we do, it’s just that the spiritual component is always there. My concern is for my spiritual path and how I can serve, my twin feels the same.

    For my twin and me the connection is undeniable. Even with us living 1500 miles apart we still work together to help others. Our soul feels drawn to this work and deep inside I know that staying with my beloved soulmate is not a luxury that I will be able to continue – I so wish I could but the spiritual imperative is so strong that I feel that I would be going against the core of my being. I have played this so many ways in my head but there is no other solution that my soul will accept. Please know that I am not given to the belief that we must live and marry our twin soul, it is just that in my experience the soul pull is just too strong to go against.

    I do have one word of advice for those of you who think that you have met your twin soul but are not currently together with them. You may have indeed met them but as Lady Dyanna says this can be a difficult relationship. Since separation with the twin does not exist, we are always part of each other, I don’t think that it is absolutely necessary to ‘be’ physically with them. Lady Dyanna is so right when she says to continue on YOUR spiritual path! If for some reason you were mistaken in who you believed to be your twin then that is wonderful that you aren’t with that person because it means that your true twin is on the way.

    I wish all of you the blessings of abundant love and deep connection. To those of you living and working with your twin I feel a strong sense of solidarity and I honor the great spiritual work that you are doing. Thank you Lady Dyanna for creating this wonderful site and for the profound wisdom and guidance that you give.

  19. Lady Dyanna, I write to you today with the deepest gratitude from the depths of my heart!!! My beloved twin flame and I were reunited (in this life time) just one month ago tomorrow! When I met him I thought I was in a twin flame relationship because I didn’t fully understand the true nature of one, I was under the illusion of the more “fluffy, feel good stuff” that abounds on the internet today. Our story is already one worthy of a book of it’s own, as this has been the most rewarding, challenging, loving, painful, and prodding relationship I’ve ever known!!! Yet, I AM! SO grateful for the miracle and gift of it. The most ironic thing is that I was dating exclusively women when our paths crossed, and I had no intention of dating a man ever again when we met; so I didn’t look at him as anything more then a mentor or a friend. He is very gifted and beautiful soul, with a lot of metaphysical gifts, and we shared many occult beliefs, and interest so I was open to knowing him more fully. We were both under the assumption that he was in my life to support me in developing my clairvoyance. It didn’t take either of us long to know something really big was happening between us as we grew closer and closer together daily. Mind you also, this man is 21 years my senior, so he saw me much like a younger sister/student at first, (although later he admitted that he thought I was a vision of beauty) *smile* and I looked up to him like some kind of spiritual Guru/teacher for all of his Spiritual and wordly knowledge, languages, and wisdom. I can go on and on about how wonderful I feel he is…
    After talking for less then a week we came to a serious crossroads, I wanted to be taken out of the “young grasshopper” box of a student of the light (as we are both light workers), and he was investigative of his own feelings toward me. And almost like magic the relationship I was exploring with my twin flame impostor, if you will, dissolved suddenly upon her telling me she basically didn’t feel well enough to be with me. He and I agreed on the need to have very honest and open dialog and decided we needed to explore the powerful pull that was clearly going on. At this time I was completely in the dark as to the fact that he’d just petitioned for his Twin Flame with great intensity in meditation. He, at that time was unaware that on my end I’d just had a crystal reading; where I held a crystal and it left a readable imprint that told me that my Spirit guide was pointing my significant other my way, and that they would be an artist, charming, charismatic, and that they would have a family. I now know that “family” to be the other light workers– ha! it’s 11:11 🙂
    Any how, we met June 5, June of course being the 6th month and on the 5th day 6+5=11 and I would find myself noticing 11:11 a lot when we would be connected. A very strange thing started happening immediately. I would find myself having this on going dialog with him, what I now believe to be the communication of our souls. So often so that when we did physically talk I’d feel as though we’d already resolved a potential issue, or I knew the direction that the conversation would take because I’d already had it with him. I believe we are both Empaths, and he can always feel whatever I’m going through, he’s expressed even feeling cut at times when I’ve tried to emotionally disconnect from him. I will be the first to admit I’ve tried to escape this relationship more then a few times because of the deep way that it challenges me to move outside of the physical, and to break my agreement with business as usual– or as you state it so well, move outside of the egoic self. Fast forward to yesterday when I asked my angels to PLEASE help me know for SURE that this man is indeed my Twin Flame. I was gifted with a series of revelations through out the day and the icing on the cake was when he called me just after midnight saying with much persistence and intensity that I MUST READ THESE ARTICLES!!! The articles that he was speaking of are of course yours Lady Dyanna, and that is not at all to be taken lightly because he is a highly educated man, a life path 7 (numerology) who’s life mission is largely focused on discovering and uncovering the deeper mysteries of the world. He’s a metaphysical minister, and a devoted student of the Ascended Master St. Germain; his Spiritual resume goes on and on, however he found your words to be the most profound writings on this topic to date!!!
    I had him read your writings to me, and I recorded our voice conversation because I love to capture us having ah ha! moments and sharing these incredible things together that we can refer to and learn from at a later date. It also serves to support me in remembering what we are here to accomplish in moments of discouragement or confusion. I AM! also keeping a journal of our journey. I’m saying all this to say that you are doing an extremely great work and tremendous service, because now I KNOW fully and completely in the depths of my heart Chakra that he is indeed my Twin Flame! Your articles validated my fears, concerns, and what’s more gave me a new lease literally on my life, and permission to move forward with him in complete courage. I KNOW that the angels directed us here this site, and that together he and I will make a difference in this world. I AM! so inspired to shine brightly with him as a harmonious couple, who will encourage others to embrace this Spiritual challenge and do the same. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For the love, time, effort and energy you pour into your writings! Please never underestimate the difference you can make in someone’s life/lives. You have made a monumental difference in ours and we are so grateful!!! We wish you an overflowing amount of love, wisdom, courage, strength, faith, and most of all LOVE!!!
    Estelle & Franklin

  20. The Secret to a Successful Marriage:

    ‘It’s not about finding ‘another right person’ to love;it’s about learning to love the person you already found.

    I have read most of your articles and posts on this forum. Clearly I see alot of you people are suffering from the results and effects of what I call ‘kharmic adultery’.
    Adultery is listed in the bible as ‘the sin that God hates the most’.
    When a man and woman join physically regardless of man made laws concerning marriage/ceremony/license and rings…etc: We are automatically creating a ‘new spouse’. There is man’s laws and then there are God’s laws. God’s laws are natural spiritual laws. Man’s laws? Well they speak for themselves don’t they?

    Relationships break apart because people don’t want to forgive the other(pride is the culprit here).People don’t know how to forgive the other.

    What’s the solution to all of this?

    Learn how to forgive yourselves first and then forgive the other person in your relationship. Forgive all of your past relationships that you have had, because you have left behind many husbands and wives which you have created and have been unaware of doing so.You have entered ‘spiritualy illegal relationships’ with other ‘new people’ and are committing the act of adultery which is the reason behind your pains and sufferings.
    Until you learn to make an atonement for your sins of adultery then your sins will continue to haunt you all your life with dis-pleasurable situations that arise. Confess,confess,confess,confess…one more time ‘confess the truth’ and apologize for being wrong because you just didn’t know any better at the time. If you forgive,confess the truth and are ‘sincere in your repentance’ towards hurting some one else(your husband,wife,partner)and if that person does not accept your reconciliation of forgivness,confession and repentance then you are free to find some else ‘without kharmic adultery attached’ to your new relationship.On the other hand the person who rejected you will continue to suffer one way or another in their lives regarding their state of ‘unforgivness’ and they will be wondering why this is all happening to them…won’t they?
    The amount we forgive the other will be measured out in equal amount to ourselves. ‘Unconditional forgivness’ opens the door to healing and reconciliation.

  21. I met who I do believe is my twin soul a year ago. We started Seeing each other, he told me that he just broke up with someone prior to us meeting. Things took off fast, but at the same it was good. Oh did I mention we’re both born the same month, same day, and same year. Things were good then he just disappeared. After six or seven months I called him, we started seeing each other. After a month, things got really good. Now he’s backed off. I know he’s seeing someone else, but he hasn’t told me himself. I was thinking, just leave him alone, and was told to do so. Now after reading this, I’m wondering should I stay or should I go.


    1. You should turn your attention from the physical union to the spiritual union, Begin there to manifest the union again. that which is created in the spiritual manifest into the physical..that which is created only on the physical do not hold together long when it is a twin flam union.

  22. Lady Dyanna, I have read so much about this subject and I am pleased to see you offering candid answers to honest questions while acknowledging the hardships between Twin Flames as it is. I know I met my TF and we spent time together growing and learning. We eventually seperated and now for some reason our energy is especially strong though he still will not talk to me face to face. (I think only someone experienced with TFs can understand how our energy can be stronger and we connect more often while not speaking when we see one another). My question is: is it possible for twin flames to equally mirror fear and insecurity? I have read about the “dance” of seperation and togetherness, but how does one overcome the egos manifestation of fear? is there work for me to do on behalf of his fear?

    1. Since your twin will mirror you and manifest into the physical your emotions your doubts and fears you will need to remove your own first, Release all emotions around your relationship that is not part of your soul and the union that belongs to the soul…Yes there is work to do as the main focus of the twin soul union is to let you know that it is time to begin your own spiritual journey..

  23. Michael,
    Thanks for Marriage conselling. The hardest thing when you have met your twin and being seperated is the confusion you are faced with. Your head says something else but your soul drags your heart to your twin.
    The only way I am able to deal with this is loving everything around me with all my heart. Fill your hearts and inner self with so much positivity, and sense of humour that negativity just cannot manifest. You are resigned to the divine love for your twin and if you have met this person in physical, know that they were god-sent to you for you to grow spiritually stronger. All your morals, ethics are tested. Very Tough, Very very tough… Stay Strong!!!

  24. i really need advice. I met this person and we have been on and off for almost four years now. my soul recognized him as someone meaningful when we first talked. since then we have been through emotional turmoil on this rollercoaster ride. he is the one who always backs out but when we talk again he is the one who initiates the relationship again. now i left him. i moved away from him but everyone tells me you have this connection for a reason yada yada… Im just very tired of this and want to move on my journey. thing is i asked the powers that be what i needed to do next and had a dream telling me to go back to him and apologize! and then we were together again. i have no idea for what and everyone i met in this dream said you need too and everyone in waking life says i need to stay in his life… so my question is how do you help someone like this when they told you that they wanted you to let them go for the 100th time and refuse to see this themselves? i know he wont just go with me wherever or come for me simply because he is so adamant against me or refuses he needs me. We are always drawn to each other like magnets no matter how bad it gets and im just lost right now.

    1. It appears that the tools you are attempting to use to bring you and him together are physical tools…What the relationship requires are spiritual tools while maintaining a warm friend ship. To take it farther it requires a soul to soul connection more than a physical one..

  25. A couple of months ago, I kept in touch with a man from India who was on facebook. I added him upon his request. I don’t usually talk to stranger but I felt at ease with him. We continuously chatted through facebook and I decided to call him in India. We have a good short chat and I even sent him cards but he said he never receive it yet. I decided to call him on a Sunday night, however, my phonecard exhausted so I decided to purchase one at one of the liquor store where you could purchase phonecards. This man who help me before was there but I never really paid attention to him, but I really appreciated his honesty with the phonecards. If I remember correctly why I’m purchasing a phonecard in India and I said because I have a friend there. I told him that I want to go there next year to visit. I told him I was very much interested to learn their culture. He told me that the only way to learn the culture is if I was surrounded myself with them. I ask him could you help me and he said “yes”. Ever since then, I came at night to talk to him and I even brought a notebook of English sentences for him to translate in their language. There was one night when I came to visit him that he invited me in the monitor room. He showed me where all the cameras where, so every time a customer comes in you can see them. He made a first move and ask me if I wanted to be his girlfriend but my thought was with my friend in India and he knew about him. He said that once I go to India to see him then he will let me go. For some weird reason I said okay then that when it started the relationship. At first, I wasn’t sure at all but the more I got to know who he really was I felt very comfortable with him. It’s something that I never experience when I was with my ex-husband or even previous relationship before my ex-husband. The last relationship I have was with my ex-husband almost 13 years ago. I did have crushes and have attractions to others but this one that I am in right now is so different. Like I said I never felt anything before. I question myself and God what is my purpose of my meeting with him. To be honest I don’t know. It’s all new to me and I’m trying to understand it. I’m 38 years old and he’s 26 years old. Our relationship is very challenging. We hardly see each other and when we do it’s only for a short period of time. But when I’m with him it’s a happy moment. When I with him he’s very affectionate and caring. We joke around and laugh. It’s a very good feeling. But it’s not like any other relationship due to his culture, he is very tradition and I respect that. It’s very limited on what we can do because of his obligation to his family, work, and school. I told him I understand that. It’s very difficult and challenging. But I’m will to stick with it. I feel that he might be twin flame but I’m not sure. I feel that he sense my emotion at times but there is time that I can and I can’t. What do you think Lady Dyanna?

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