What kind of relationship is a twin flame/ twin soul relationship?

My SoulWhat kind of relationship is a twin flame/ twin soul relationship? Is it a spiritual relationship or a physical relationship. Scenario: You meet the most remarkable person, there is instant bonding.. Then nothing, the other person pulls back, pull away. You keep trying to find a way to reconnect. Unfortunately all of your efforts are directed at the physical body. Are you surprised when it doesn’t work? Yes you are. Do you know why it doesn’t work? Here is where the real trouble begin.. Those who say it shouldn’t be. Those who tell you that you are obsessing and those who have absolutely no clue but are full of suggestions. Well here is a very simple answer the original moments, days weeks or even months of bonding was caused by a simple soul to soul connection. This connection is really what the relationship is all about. To find that wonderful bond again you must find the soul to soul connection again.  Unless you have made the acquaintance of your own soul you are going to have a bit of difficulty getting to know his/her soul.  It is this that makes the twin flame/twin soul relationship difficult for many. It requires you to focus on your spiritual well being in order to manifest the physical, spiritual bonding that brought you so much joy. Are you willing to do the work and get to know your own soul so you can have the relationship of your dreams? That is what makes a twin flame/twin soul relationship both special and difficult.. It forces you to be the best being you can be and that requires you to get to know your soul and its true purpose usually a purpose that you share with your twin flame/twin soul. It really and truly is a soul based relationship.


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  4. It was overwhelming for me and could not understand the intensity of our bond . I got a little anxious and afraid and said some thing that he probably took the wrong way . Now we are not talking and I feel this emptyness and I feel that he needs me. I don’nt know how to deal with this situation . After months and these unexpainable feeling I found out that it is because he is my twin flame . How should I deal with this and how can I get him to start communicating with me again so we can go forward.

  5. I believe I am with my twin soul. The relationship began in utter bliss and intense spiritual union 7 years ago. However due to some external problems with family and work and other past lovers etc etc and also due to personality issues and internal conflict between the two of us, the relationship over the past 5 years has been total chaos. Nothing seems to get worked out or resolved and intense arguing takes place regularly. However we really love each other and cling to each other regardless of the pain and lack of harmony. It started out with total harmony though. Nevertheless, we experience psychically exactly what the other feels, at all times, either in person or from a distant. We are sponges for each other’s emotions. Nothing can really be hidden or disguised from each other. So it is very combustible and no diplomacy can be applied. It is really awful.
    Yet the physical union is of the most subtle and perfect quality, at almost all times.
    I am really afraid the intense friction and inability to get along is going to break us up forever and/or cause irreversible damage.
    Please tell me what is going on?

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