Twin Flame Twin Soul Relationships

Twin Flame Twin Soul  relationships have a spiritual beginning

First of all if your ego is the first thing that enters the conversation/relationship with you twin soul you lose. If your pride and your ego enter the conversation or the relationship it is done.  Twin flame relationships serve the purpose of elevating the participant to the highest spiritual  level that can be achieved. Thru a twin soul relationship you may achieve Nirvana. Problem is most people try to get there by a twin body relationship which includes egos, pride and props. Too bad they work for your ordinary short term relationships but get no where fast in a twin soul relationship. The twin soul relationship is a relationship that began in the spiritual realm of the soul and is introduced to the physical realm not to tease or to torture. but to show you what is achievable by connecting spiritually to another being. Because all things must be created on the spiritual/astral/higher plane  before it manifest in your life the twin soul  relationship becomes a true challenge for us. Because we do not truly realize that we are creating most of the time with our thoughts good, bad or  indifferent we begin the creation process in our lives with out us being aware that we are creating.  The twin flame relationship requires us to be completely aware of the spiritual side of our lives it can not be addressed in the hit and miss fashion that most of our lives are treated to.. When you learn to focus on a event in the spiritual you realize that you have more control than you think over your life. The key is that spiritual focus connects you to the soul the author of your fantastic relationship also the one with the inside knowledge on manifesting your life in a positive manner. It then becomes like having the key to the front door of the bank and the combination to the vault and the legal right to use both as you desire. Unfortunately in this exclusive relationship between twin souls  these guys, egos, pride and relationship props are not welcome. Just as thieves are not welcome in the bank vault. They have an uncanny way of destroying all that we have worked so hard for.  Sometimes we just have to grit our teeth and say “yes this is really annoying” but I am going to let it pass with out comment mentally or physically. Learning to do that helps remove the events that make you feel that way. If you can’t do that events that make you feel that way continue they play directly to you ego, pride and need for relationship props.. Important to remind yourself when interacting with your twin soul that all you truly need to be happy is love if you have that  everything else will follow… Even the relationship coming to fruition. It is where you focus  that creates what you get in life. I have found that a body to body connection in a twin soul relationship is not very fulfilling, but a soul to soul connection well that rocks. But you can only achieve that if you look to the soul/spiritual aspect of the relationship to create the physical aspect. Can’t create it from the physical inward that my friends don’t work either.

How do you achieve this connection spiritually without spending every minute thinking about it because obviously you can not do that. Ladies you do it the same way  you apply your make up, you do it before you walk out the door you take a moment and place your daily interaction in a positive though pattern.. Gentlemen you do the same . If we are going to meet our twin flames/twin souls after a long day  ladies you refresh your makeup before you go out gentlemen you take care of the 5 o’clock shadow before you go out right?  Then refresh your positive approach to to the events of the evening..take nothing for granted always prepare with a positive mind set and reinforce that as often as necessary. For those of you who want to leave nothing to chance think of it this way it is the souls relationship so the souls will be done in the handling of the relationship..they have got to know more about what is going on than the body because it has been their relationship more lifetimes than the years you have lived in this body. It isn’t their first relationship it is your first twin soul relationship.


  1. Dear Dyanna,

    I love your insightful posts and articles on twin-flames. They really confirmed so many of my feelings and this helps me to continue my path with more confidence.
    The only thing is that the text is at times somewhat difficult to read because of the absence of some punctuation marks. I’m not saying it’s crucial, for I have difficulties with spelling and grammar myself and I still understand what you write. It’s just something you could maybe take into consideration when writing your next articles.
    Looking forward to read them!

  2. Hello Lady Dyanna

    What you are saying about twin-souls is pragmatic. I came to realize through my personal experience that unless we are spiritually evolved and ready to let go of our past conditioning, thoughts, beliefs, we will not be able to find harmony within ourselves and of lastly in a twin-soul relationship.

    I believe this is my tf story. I am a 40+ happily married woman and absolutely loving husband and wonderful kid. My life is fraught with many difficulties yes, but that does not falter the love I have for my family. 3 years ago I was in too much of crisis in my life and during that time, I got an opportunity to work with a man who was much much younger than me, though we did not meet physically. He was
    happily married as well. We used to chat on IM and became good friends. He gave me the courage and strength that I much needed at the time. In our conversations, we each other acknowledged that we had sync in ideas, thoughts etc. We even finished each others’ sentences. After sometime, he left the place I was working in and we spoke very less and very occasional chats. I always had a deep affection and love for him which was more like brotherly love. I had him in my thoughts many a time but never thought of contacting him.

    Recently, again I was in deep crisis over my child’s health and I even lost his phone contact. During that time, I was all of a sudden thinking about this person (who I think is my tf) and immediately a get a text msg in my mobile. The text msg had spiritual content and was absolutely convinced this is the same person. I enquired if this is the person who I think is and he replied in the positive, I was amazed. I realized this was soul communication, wow. After that, I spoke to him and emotions started flooding. I felt happy like a child and forgot all the pain I was going through. After that, my child also started healing and I realized that I was healing inside as well. I found that the deep rooted sorrow in my soul lifted of all of a sudden and had developed a better understanding with my loved ones. I was in awe..

    I am interested in spiritual subjects as that is my hobby was aware of the twin flames/twin soul concept. I very politely wrote to this person explaining what I thought we both shared was a soul connection that can be likened to a twin soul /soul mate and was waiting for his views on this. He replied that he read the mail two to three times and was in tears to read about that and wanted to meet me immedidately. Yes, he came down to my place and met me and my family. When he came down, I did not have a chance to talk to him alone because in the place where I am, people are very traditional and married women cannot talk with another man in public alone.

    So, I could not do have an one on one conversation with me. During this meeting, initially, he avoided meeting me in the eye, but later on he relaxed and he and my husband connected very well. Rest of the family enjoyed his company and he also found it very happy to have come down and met us all.

    Now, for the mail I wrote about twin souls etc, he did not reply and kept on giving reasons. But before he did that, we chatted over phone and through this communication I could make out he was acknowledging the fact that he also understands our relationship is “special” or “extra ordinary”. After that I begain excited and was communicating with him and sharing all the things that I was going on in my life, sharing music etc. Then he replied for my mail and for the lack of fun, he copied his wife in his reply!! I was flabbergasted. In the mail, he politely and indirectly told me that he has very good will power and hence he has sync of thoughts with many close friends, and I am the person who is concluding fast on my behalf and also about him. Also, he categorically said that his wife was the reason for his happiness. That hit me like a ton of bricks!! What was I doing.. being the stupid fool claiming him to be my twin soul ignoring my loving husband who has with me in my pain/pleasure throughout. I understood, the only reason why I thought him to my twin soul was because I had absolute freedom of mind when I spoke to this person. Since my husband is highly opinionated on certain subjects, I was not able to openly communicate with him. In fact, my husband never liked new age concepts like twin soul, soul connection, past life regression etc etc. He always mentioned that everything should come from inside and effort should be taken only towards that and anything external is useless. I was not akin to this idea.

    Now, I do not know if this person I met is my twin soul/twin flame or not, but realized that I am learning a lot of lessons because of this experience. I have become more grounded, accepted people for what they are, understood that there is more to life than to worry about
    the emotions, feelings and attachments. Understood the hard way that my husband is right. Happiness can be felt from inside only and cannot be felt because of any person, external factors etc. So, am trying to connect to my spiritual side and started doing meditation.

    Like Lady Dyanna has mentioned in many topics, unless one evolves spiritually and learns to accept themselves for what they are and grow in love, there is no way inner peace can be obtained. Only if inner peace is obtained, you realize that you are whole within yourself and do not need any one or anything in the Universe. Once whole within ourself, we are ONE with “All That Is'”. Then how do the concepts – soul-mate, twin-soul, twin-flame, karma, matter any more???

    • Then how do the concepts – soul-mate, twin-soul, twin-flame, karma, matter any more??? They matter to those who truly have a twin flame..soul mate means another being who walk the same path that you do for a while..Every time you encounter a member of your unique individual soul family there is a strong connection..just because that strong connection exist does not mean it is a twin flame/twin soul relationship..Twin flame, twin soul relationship are determined by an internal awareness that has very little to do with the outer trappings of a relationship. It is that which makes twin flame relationship difficult they do not transform readily into the physical union that people expect…That is because they are not based in the physical properties that create a traditional union. They are based on the coming together of two halves of the same soul which may be able to function separately with no problem but are drawn to each other in spite of everything in the physical world around them..Those who are not twin flames drift away from each other with only a passing thought over time, those who are find the other person permanently etched in their hearts and soul no matter how far apart they are or how long it is between the first awareness and the next contact, no matter the relationship they find themselves in the other half of their soul will hold a permanent place in their inner being. Karma, hmmm Karma is that which balance the free will that all humanity is so proud thing that is true of being one with all there is and all that every was and will be is the awareness of balance in the universe and an acute awareness of when the balance is out of kilter.

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