Does your Confidant Have a Twin Soul?

Sharing details of your twin soul relationship a good idea?

Does the person that you share every up and down, every positive or negative event in your twin soul relationship have a twin soul?  You may be thinking why is that important? Let me ask you another question would you take advice on how to rear your child from someone that has no children and clearly do not understand children or even like them? Probably not. But you will take advice from a “friend” who does not have a twin soul or from someone who say they have a twin soul but have “decided” not to pursue the relationship. Sharing information with either of the above can have an interesting effect. What might be a major breakthrough in the relationship may be treated as a figment of your imagination or as wishful thinking on your part. This then turns what should be positive to doubt and uncertainty on your part. Unfortunately it is your views of the relationship that determines whether it works or not. Whether it manifests or not is determined by you and your connection to the only ones who should be involved in the relationship and that is the souls. Interpretations of events in the relationship is best sorted by your inner advisors or someone who has the experience of  working with and  making progress in their own twin flame/twin soul relationship. When you are introduced to your twin soul/ twin flame it is the souls way of saying it is time to begin a new spiritual journey, it may take you away from all that is familiar, that is a choice you must make. However make no mistake about the fact that it is your journey. It does not belong to your friends or your family. It belongs to you and your soul and your twin souls’ soul, as you make progress it will begin to include your twin souls’ physical form. The more advanced your progress on the journey the more people will join you, some seeking advice, some seeking a like minded companion, some seeking to derail what they do not understand or approve of. If you are confident in your relationship and not seeking validation from others these added people will be no problem. However at the stage where you are still uncertain, your most helpful input will come from within you, from your spiritual companions [his/her soul and yours], not your physical ones. The next time you think to confide something that is clearly part of your twin flame/twin soul journey ask your self will talking about this bring  positive relationship affirming results?

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  1. I can really resonate with this issue. I made the mistake of visiting with a psychic that was reccommended to me(several times), and although she was accurate about some things, I feel now that chaos saw this as a golden opportunity to instill as much fear and doubt in me as possible…enough to make me reconsider persuing the relationship and focusing on the obstacles.
    Each visit to this person brought more negativity to the situation, more doubt and fear. It also set me up for expectations; if this doesn’t happen by Nov, next spring, next Xmas etc, then it will never happen.

    This is one thing that I have eliminated from my life as my spiritual knowledge has increased, and I realize that progress is made in proportion to the spiritual work that I do, not in relation to someone’s crystal ball.

  2. Thank you so much for your lovely site. I really resonate with the comment that was previously made about psychics. I am a believer, and have a little talent myself, but I do feel that the average psychic is not equipped to properly read these type of relationships.

    I have been on a rollercoaster with my twinflame for a couple of years now, and I’m exhausted from it. Because of the many readings I have had along the way I have begun to doubt, but deep in my heart I cannot let go of him no matter how hard I try which makes me believe he is. And it is different from any other connection I’ve had.

    I have decided to stay away from the pyschics and feel what is in my heart. He has pulled away which makes me sad. We may never be together and I have to accept that, but I do feel it is real.

    Thanks for your words.

  3. There are some interesting deadlines on this article but I don’t know if I see all of them heart to heart. There is some validity however I will take hold opinion till I look into it further. Good article , thanks and we wish more! Added to FeedBurner as well

  4. im 24 almost 25 next mpnth. i am involved currently with my twin soul mate. it has been very intense. the way we communicate and not even mean to sometimes. it has also been a rollercoaster and people have called us crazy to stay together. cause how we fight. but when we love eachother…. people also say they cant understand how we love eachother the way we do. the way we understand one another and not have to say a word. when emotions start jumping around. we vibe off one another faster than anyone can realize what just happened. and we can sit in silence for hours and be completely tolerable and loving and comfortable. when one of us is hurting the other is hurting as well. when we get pains or aches as well. the other feels it on their body. when one gets emotional during a movie the other starts getting tears in their eyes and not knowing exactly why they are feeling sad. when jealousy whihch should not be a issue at all happens the other knows automatically and tries to better the situation or talk through it to better understanding. when i think of life with him its complete. all the heartache you thought you would hang on to from prior hurts of other people and him included after time fade and disappear and yes you will remember the incidents cause they did hurt you. but something deep inside of your heart inside your chest it tells you that it doesnt matter anymore. your safe. you cant be touched at this point anymore. cause the love you not only get from them without trying but the love you automatically give to them. you know your llife is worth figuring out more and more about them and yourself. it just starts coming naturally to you. once you get passed the reading of each others thoughts and feelings. when i picture my life without him.. i see dullness. fake compatibilities. harsher times and with harsher people. even though i would be even smarter than when i began this journey with him. we have been together for 3 years and 2 months. and it doesnt feel that long at all. even with all the drama and fights and yelling and screaming. but no matter what when we look in eachothers eyes every single time…. its the same look every time. we touch each other in a way no one understands but at the same time those who have seen love have claimed to see it in our eyes. i feel like i look into a mirror when i look into his eyes. and when we kiss. it takes me to a place that cant even be explained. i feel whole and its not that we even have to full blown out kiss eachothers face off. kisses, just sweet kisses make it ok. and the smiles that are transfered back and forth is wholesome feeling and surreal…. when we first got together he had said he felt in ultimate nirvana with me. and people saw it. it has been a complicated, heart-braking, trust braking, all the things i said i wouldnt let a guy do, all the things i have wanted a guy to do, he does it all. he gets me. he is on his journey as well but somewhere between the two journeys our souls feel the need to keep us together and going. we fight and say we will never be together again. but we have stayed by eachother sides through it all. when i want to give up faith on the relationship and him. something clicks in my heart that its the worst choice possible. i know it is beyond a sexual connection as well. we have once again as i said been together 3 years and thats still early in many relationships of the average relationship. but with him when we started, we instantly connected on all levles. i never felt something like this. i had other boyfriends and other sexualy encounters. i was very open to the thought of love and what the possible outcomes could be. but with him. he came in fast and we both had no clue what was to lay ahead of us. when we connected physically the first time… it was like there was a bubble of solidtude around us. the world looked different. the feelings were different instantly on both our parts. he shook all over and we just help eachother. we never moved and when we did eventually. we were just together from then on. we tried to be apart one day in the beginning. and we could not stay away. he said he couldnt get his mind off me and i said i felt the same. we are both very beautiful souls and beautiful people. we enjoy music and love and life together. we have the same dreams and goals and ambitions and yes we even have differences. but the part is we are bother very sexual individuals befoer we got together and when we did get together… things only bloomed. we didnt feel awkward. we knew what to do to each other instantly. it was love. and still is love. when we have intercourse. its not just intercourse. its life together. we feel the other and we understand its deeper than that. he is tender to my touch. he is happy by my body and expression of what is needed to be happy in general. he doesnt make me a person. i already am a person on my own. but with us together, its on a whole nother demention. he is everywhere i am. i am every where he is. we cant keep anything from one another. when we have faught in the past. we knew our connection was so huge passed explaining that we would purposely not look at one another and talked didnt help cause their is something about his voice that just brings peace to me and my heart and head. and whats even more crazy all the friends i had. the crazy differences of me caring back than over all those people. have faded. the only person that matters to me is him. i know the meaning of life is to go thru what you need. but when you find that person and if your lucky to even get that chance. it doesnt matter about anything or anyone anymore. your souls are combined at that point. no matter what you limit or say or set rules to. you are constantly second guessing yourself even sometimes but in the end your heart and his is the only beauty around you guys. its serenity with them. i feel beauty and all its colors with him. we speak to one another as if beauty were a language and were raw with one another. its not fake. its give all or go home with us. and sex is love everytime. any fight is forgotten with a kiss. and the sun is shining when were happy. when were sad and apart, its bad weather. i hope this helps others understand what a twin soul mate is truely. everyone is different from one another. and that means relationships will be different as well. but if the person speaks to you from their heart, their soul to yours. you dont take it for granted or play games or think who else is out there. you will be let down every single time. its up to you to keep that connection and strong. ppl are ppl. but souls are souls and they know what they want and what they are doing. i have a form of clarisentence as well and clariaudience. and so does he. we are both water signs and the year of fire tiger and metal horse. my moon is in pisces and my venus in leo. his moon is in aquarius and venus in libra. everything makes perfect sense of any questions asked. their is a 4 year difference between us. and all our talents are the same. and our weaknesses. we force one another a chance of soul searching beyound anyone that tries to be with us or tries to take that place. its to strong and we have a family now and home. we have two cats tiva and lucy and they are black and white. we have been taking very great care of them. we are animal lovers and are very intuined to our cats. they know they are loved. and we have a two bedroom cottege now. and we have a child on the way. im 4 months pregnant. and we are set on money for the baby.. everything has just played itself out on its own. trust your self it does know what its doing. as for me. i hope this has helped confused individuals regarding love, and the “feeling”of a twin soul

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