Is it more important that your friends and family approve of the decision that you make in your twin soul relationship, or that the decisions that you make resonate with you and your soul? I ask that because sometimes the hardest decision we make is whether to please family and friends or ourselves. There is a fear that if we go against the majority consensus and things not work they will say “I told you so” or not be supportive. How many chances to be happy or to achieve something that is really important to us are lost that way?

Are you willing to let your spiritual journey with your twin soul be handled that way? From where I stand it is more important that the choices I make resonate with my soul and my twin souls’ soul than with any one individual or group of  individuals. It is in this relationship that the majority is not always right. It is in this relationship that the majority should not rule unless it is the souls who are considered the majority. Can you hear the choices of the soul over the opinions of family and friends running through your mind? If not this would be the time I advocate clearing your mind of clutter. It would be a wise thing to release all that does not belong to your soul at this point. Because if you make a choice based on the consensus you will find that later no one “told you to give up on the relationship” they just suggested it was not “right” for you. Sometimes the only thing not “right” for you is other people’s opinions of what is right for you.

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