1. I appreciate your point of view very much. It resonates with what I had been searching for. I believe that I have dreamt of my twin my whole life. I feel his presence from time to time as if he were truly in the room. I was in the land of nod (between not quite asleep/not quite awake), and I saw/felt him in the doorway of my bedroom one night. I have been seeing this 11:11 stuff, and began to search about it. I started to find all this stuff about twin flames, and am thinking perhaps I have had the spiritually connenction, maybe my soul is preparing me for the physical connection. Only time will tell. Either way I am fully preparing to allow this relationship to blossom to it’s fullest potential, physically, and spiritually. Was reading something about cosmic sex with your twin flame, sounds pretty exciting!! Anyways, thank you so much for your honest “down to earth” advice.

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