What Do I do Now that I found my Twin Flame?

Understanding your twin flame relationship

Many of you have questions about having found your Twin Flame, now what do I do?  You need to understand that this is not an ordinary relationship and it does not adhere to the ordinary rules that you use to determine whether to go or stay in a relationship. First difference is this relationship is the beginning of a spiritual journey. Even though it touches your emotions and may even stir your libido it is still a spiritual union.  This relationship marks the beginning of a spiritual journey in which you get to know as much about your self and your inner essence as a possible and you grow spiritually. If you think a twin flame relationship is strictly about having someone to “call your own” this relationship will be a shocker to you. What happens during the relationship is that you realize that you must become a spiritual being in order to make the relationship work on a physical level. If you are not ready to begin a true spiritual journey then you are probably not ready for a twin flame relationship. If you are not ready to release all the things you think you know and believe about how a relationship should work you are not ready for a twin flame relationship.  If you are not ready to release the baggage from previous relationships and realize this is a unique and different experience you are not ready for a twin flame relationship. That said if you are truly ready then your journey begins by looking within for that which connects you to your Twin Flame.  You must first become one with your inner essence/soul. From there you will be directed on how to proceed with the manifesting of your Twin Flame relationship into the physical. Also be aware that your “ego” and your soul/inner essence can not share the same “house”. So you have some choices to make, when you have made them amazingly enough you will have taken the steps to find your Twin Flame or the steps to work out the relationship in the physical. Finale note since souls which are the base of Twin Flame relationships do not “dangle carrots” know that if you have met your Twin Flame it is because the relationship is meant to manifest in this life time in the physical. The only thing that will stop it is the choices you make.

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  1. What can be done if one realizes they have met their twin soul yet the other doesn’t and through pain and confusion moves elsewhere? Is there any way this separation can be mended?

  2. I’m a little confused here, I don’t know who I am, LOL, Am I to post as Jill or Carma? Also, I’ve never been on a posting site like this before and after reading some of the “HELP” I’m more confused than ever as to where to begin.

    Additionally, should I get the book and/or have a consultation with Lady Dyanne before I do anything. I’m having a problem with the relationship and never knew what a TF was before now, so glad to have found this site.

    Thank you so much

  3. Well, if you believe that, you’ll believe anything… which is the key to receiving 😉

  4. I think your definition of twin flames is the best I’ve seen, though I still don’t like this label. Psychics use it to scam people and I’ve seen those less aware use it to remain in dysfunctional, unrequited, addictive, dishonest or even stalking relationships with people who may not even care about them or may be using them or being dishonest to other partners. Half the people I’ve seen who say they are with their twin flame, break up and then the next person they meet is there twin. It’s definitely a term that gets abused and I think its better to just try to grow in any relationship and your article writes about this beautifully. I don’t even believe our twin flame is always incarnated on earth or that we need to find our “twin” in a romantic sense while incarnated on earth.

  5. I love this post. I have been going with his flow for almost 12 years, we have a son together, I love him and feel so connected to him the secound I saw him.
    I worked in the same place he worked, sat in the same chair, did the same work, left the job, 4 years later, he moved back from across the country. I never knew of him, then. I joined an online dating service, 4 years after I worked there, and the first message that came in was “hi”.I have never felt the need to talk to someone like I needed to talk to him and when I saw his photo I immediatly felt like I knew him my heart felt healed, when we met it was like I always knew him, his smile his touch, he kissed me and I saw many colors, I had never experience that until that day. We seem to always move on and find our way back to each other. There is so much more, could this be a twin flame relationship? help me to understand.

    1. yes it could indeed be a twin flame relationship…it begins with the soul’s awareness of each other and it requires the souls to continue to be at the fore front for the relationship to last..when one place attempts to place the relationship within the physical parameters without the souls at the fore front the union lose it cohesiveness.

  6. I have met someone online who I know is my twin flame…something drew us to each other. The circumstances were odd and strange: someone who tried to scam me told me about a social site so I went there to check it out, became frustrated with it after a while and had just about decided to delete my account, when my twin popped in to say hello…from that moment, we began talking to each other with familiarity, like we knew each other although we didnt..That was in October.

    There are so many things about us that makes me know we are twin souls..We know things about each other without being told. We have the same thoughts at the same time, even saying things at the exact same time as the other. We talk with the same rhythem and inflection, often interrupting each other because we do. We both have a terrible fear of deep water, a facination with things from the 1800’s, a love of cartoons from the 1970’s, and even share the same zany sense of humor. We like the same foods and we both drink milk by the gallons, and do many of the same things to relax. He plays guitar and I sing. We share the same morals and values and belief systems. He tells me where to look when I lose things…and when one of us has trouble sleeping the other one does. We share the same emotions…I feel his love, his happiness, his hurt from across the country. And sometimes when we see each other by cam online or hear each other’s voice, we begin to cry out of pure love and joy. And when we see each other online, we sometimes become lost in each other, just staring at each other for what seems like hours.. I feel his presence with me at times, as he does with mine. Our hearts race at the same time, sometimes causing us to sweat, to grow physically weak, and to weep. And one time when we said “I love you” to each other on the phone in the same rhythem, same inflection, same tone of voice, same pitch, I felt a thud in my chest so hard and so immediate that I lost my breath and stumbled backwards…and so did he, 14 hours away. I have no doubt that he is a part of me and I am a part of him, even though we have never physically met.

    The problem is that we are both married with children at home. Both marriages were in bad shape before we even met and at the present time, he and his wife are getting a divorce and he is there trying to help his kids work through it all. They all know about me. My own marriage is a rollercoaster of periods of neglect, mental cruelty and my husbands drinking… and we have also talked of separation, but not because of my connection with my twin… My twin wants to eventually come here so that we can finally be together in every way. He believes that we are meant to be physically together in this lifetime and there have been many inexplainable signs leading in that direction, but I am worried. Will the pain we have caused others taint our togetherness? Will it hurt our soul connection and maybe even keep us physically apart?? I have faith and believe in my twin and this extraordinary connection I feel with him and at times can feel myself rise above all of this and trust that this is the way that it is meant to happen…and then there are other times when I feel anxious and afraid for our future. I am not sure what I need to do to work through this and still be strong for my twin…can you help me???

    1. Unions of the soul are meant to work out in the physical world… It does not appear that your connection has caused any great pain to anyone..Instead it showed you what you both already knew about your current relationships. When we meet our twin soul it is an indication of a necessary change in our life paths…that change can end careers, relationships, and other situations that have ceased to to reflect the energy of your soul in this reality..Mental, emotional, abuse, unhappiness, fear, angst, these are not emotions that embody the energy of our souls…

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