Awakening to the True Self

You are a Spiritual being awakening to your true self

You are a spiritual being.  Your twin soul relationship awakens you to your true self.  Manifesting your twin soul relationship is part of  your awakening to your true self. You are a soul with a body. It is this concept that you must embrace and understand to manifest your twin soul relationship. It is a relationship between souls. In order to enjoy this relationship you must transition from an ego/personality/body with a soul to a soul with a body which is your true state of existence. There are many roads to reach this state, you may visualize, affirm, or meditate. but until you reach your true self your Twin Soul relationship will remain just out of your reach. It is why so many are discourage or counseled to abandon this difficult relationship. The difficulty comes because we have become complacent living as a ego/personality instead of the true souls we are. When we reach for the twin soul relationship we do so through ego/personality means and find that the relationship cause “pain, frustration, and angst. Those are only reminders that we are a spiritual being  encased in an ego driven physical form it is not a sign that you should abandon the relationship. Instead it is a sign  that it is time to begin our spiritual journey as a soul in this physical world.  We are being pushed to break out of the ego/personality/ body  existence and step into the true self. Meeting your twin soul is the alarm clock that says it is time to wake up.


  1. You are truly a divinely inspired “light” and
    “guide” for those of us who have taken on the challenge of bringing our twin flame relationships into the physical. May you be richly blessed for extending the hand to help us get to the next “level”. I have been divinely guided to your sight on more than one occassion. Thank you.

  2. Lady Dyanna,
    Have read some of your articles on twinsouls or twinflames.I met mine 2005,august,and there was the recognition once and after that he would deliberatly ignore me.I was his student for a short time,but I could not stay because it was painful just attending those classes.He know I was his by the way he would handle me,ask everyone a question and skip me or when i ask a question would look annoyed that i even asked.I refused to be put down infact I began to challenge him on some issues he brought up,and is did start to raise eyebrows with some students who knowing
    he and i didnt know eachother,why would we be almost at eachother necks.
    He was from across the seas and he has since gone back and i know his contact and he knows mine.I feel the reason he has refused to begin a relationship is he had a ealier had a painful marriage which end and no children,he carriers that baggage.I am not married never been but have to grown daughters.
    Where do l start,his birthday is one day before mine.Am spiritual so is he,am three years older then him.And i did ask my higher self why so,the answer,i left for the human body but he was very reluctant to come down and later never forgave me for abandoning him.

  3. I just wanted to say thank-you Dyanna for posting these gems. Your wisdom shines through your words. And after reading what felt like misinformation about twin flames (ie. there is no drama between twin flames, you don’t teach each other anything as you can only LEARN together – …what?)reading your blogs only ever confirm what I know deep inside to be true and you give me the courage to live by my Higher Self wisdom. A difficult task when you’re young like me and your family is watching and worrying.

    I found your sites when searching out some twin flame material for a friend who is in the throes of her post-bliss reactionary stage, as it were. I am glad to be there for her, as I was navigating the turbulent waters quite on my own during that inherently turbulent time we know as high school. I only wish I had found your entries five years ago – not that I’d have understood them. Meeting my twin flame jumpstarted my spiritual evolution with the telepathy, the electromagnetism, the synchronicity, and since the grand “crash-and-burn” (as I like to call it) I’ve been having visions, seeing light phenomenon everywhere/everyday, getting spiraling sensations, spontaneous kundalini risings – I’ve pretty much been running the cosmic gamete. And I am only 20 years old.

    The situation between my twin flame and I is so complicated, I’ve come to realize (with your help) it is more enlightened to take Mother Mary’s whisperings to heart and just “Let it be.” All the while, I feel such a deep heart pull to read twin flame literature and to trust the visions and higher-dimensional meetings I have with my twin flame. My life is becoming what I always wanted it to be – me BEING love and being in the PRESENCE of love.

    Ever since my early, early youth, I felt with deepest conviction that I was here to change the world and help humanity. I was so frustrated that I just couldn’t get down to it, and always thought that my purpose was something complicated and nuanced. Now I know that without a doubt, I came here to be Love. Pure and simple.

    Thank-you Dyanna, for restoring faith in my dreams. Nothing gives me greater joy now than to fall asleep listening to Gene Wilder singing:

    “Come with me, and we’ll be, in a world of pure imagination
    What we’ll see, will defy, explanation”

    It is in this world, that we find our true loves. Grounding that vision is another matter isn’t it? 😉


  4. I have a question about TF. Ok. Here is the question. I was with this guy we will call him jon. For a short time about 13 years ago. But I never got over him. Jon never got over me. We thought about each other look but could not find each other. with a twist of fate jon found me on facebook. The same feelings are there but there a lot of things in the way. Like with live on other sides of the country, and we each are in a relationtionship. But it is kinda wired. I dream about him. like we will be talking to each other in our sleep. An I still can feel his love for me. We have a lost of thing in the way. But what does this mean?? I can seem to understand why. after all this time. we found each other. Just not to be able to be together. Jon just started a new relationship with a woman. That lets be honest I can never be. Why would this happen. I know that is a spirtual reason. but what is it. I have love Jon all my life. an I dont understan. I know he loves me. So at this point. I am just doing the firend thing?? any advise would be great.

  5. Are We Souls With A Body?

    It is beneficial and in our best interest to understand and think of ourselves as “souls with a body” and not bodies with a soul. When we leave the earth and arrive out there, we are the same person out there that we were while here on earth. Nothing much has changed during that process with the exception; we are telepathic but this is just a computer facilitated form of communication. Telepathy is basically the same as verbalization and we get used to it very quickly once we arrive out there, Solamenta.

    It is from much hard work in learning to see ourselves for who we truly are that we also, finally understand that our beliefs are the bane of mankind! Our primitive beliefs keep us from the truth. Truth can only be discovered by the exploration and hard work of the individual. However, when we leave the earth and for those whom have committed horrible crimes… particularly against the innocent, it is not a happy homecoming as they are met, by their victims and their families.

    Read article in its entirety…

  6. Thankyou for this beautiful message! I feel that I am nearing the time when I am destined to meet my twin. There aren’t words to describe the feeling, I just know 🙂

  7. It’s so painful right now. We are undergoing our second separation in this life, I am the Yin and the more aware one I think. I have no idea if he knows but the dreams, the coincidences, the similarities and mutual friends – too many to number, it’s getting quite spooky at times. I first met him when I was a teenager, he is much older than me, but the connection was there. We’ve never been together in this lifetime in the romantic way (though in former ones we have) but I have always had the urge to collaborate with him creatively and I never got over our last separation in my late teens. He ran from me and then so did I, away from our creative field, away from my true self because I felt his energy within me, around me, and tried to avoid being like him. I think we reconnected again recently, over a decade later, so that I could re-enter our field in a more mature way and begin to understand what the connection was.
    Still though, he ran again and now he ignores me. It’s worse than the first time becaus he literally told me to go away for good. It hurts so much, it’s horrible. All I want is for us to be friends again, on good terms again at least, even if we are on opposite sides of the planet in the future, but he is treating me worse than a dog right now. This is in the physical. But in the spiritual I feel him all the time, in dreams. He guides me in waking life – all I do is connect through the heart chakra. And this morning he was there, his presence, as I woke up wanting a hug because he said he was in the ‘doghouse’ with his wife lol! Ok then…! That’s all it was – a hug and that was it. Cute!
    It’s getting a little bit easier, as we both learn to handle it(though at moment, it could be his higher self talking to me, not him unless he is more aware than he is letting on) but I have never felt so much weirdness with anyone before. Recently I had a late night ‘conversation’ with him (energetic- it’s true the heart and solar plexus chakras take the energy, and then the mind makes sense of it. Crazy feeling!) I wasn’t getting anything done becaus ehis energy was so strong, he was hooked into me. I think he must have been in need of attention. Anyway, I asked him to back off the energy a little and the next day I got SO much work done!
    The first time I realised we might be twin flames was a dream I had, a few months before we parted for the second time. We were in a club and I looked down behind us to see two strings flowing back behind us. They seemed to be coming out of the back of our necks, one was black, one was white and they were entwined round each other like the DNA double helix. Running through, kind of like spinal cord runs through vertebrae, was a peach satin ribbon. Lots of other indicators since then, much of it very strange supernatural experiences that are backed up in real life, and I’m a pragmatic person! Our lives have paralleled each others too in lots of ways that I only became aware of recently.
    It’s funny – the universe puts a veil upon us until it is time for us to know. It’s all about timing, it really is. There are things about me and him that were staring me in the face for years, and I only realised them weeks ago! We resemble each other somewhat physically/facially, with me looking like a smaller, feminine version of him, but the real indicator is the eyes. Though they are different colours, the energy staring out of them is the same. Very strange.
    I am beginning to understand it all, and make peace with it all, even the strange experiences that make me feel like I’m going nuts, but I wish it didn’t hurt so much in the physical. We’ve never spoken at all about the weird experiences and I never would unless I felt safe enough to, that is, I was sure he wouldn’t think me crazy. I’ve always been friendly and normal with him, but its him who began acting strange and nervous around me, and I got confused.
    It was always an interesting new age theory to me, this twin flame thing, until I began to experience what I have the last couple of years. Nothing else describes it and it intensified when we parted. Psychically he told me we were already married and could never be truly parted – I had no idea what he was talking about, espeically as he is married to someone else in the physical, until much later on when I read about TFs in earnest. It’s the divine marriage he is talking about. He also kept saying repeatedly ‘your black is my white’ and I at first took that to mean that we were opposites/chalk and cheese/not able to get on with each other, until I realised he was talking about Yin/Yang. He says ‘salt and pepper’ a lot too lol but I know what he means now! They’re complimentary right?!
    Amazing connection, but so strong and weird that it can drive you nuts if you don’t keep your feet on the ground!

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