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  1. That is the feeling that I have, but I keep doubting. I have been on this track since 1996. I made up my mind after this last thing I found out about my twin recently, to let go for good…and now I am having intense dreams of her every night all night (even if I wake up and go to sleep again). I am dreaming that she is finally looking for me. i normally have dreams where I am trying to locate her if I find she is supposed to be at a party or wherever else, and these are the first dreams I have had where she is chasing me. I am so confused.

  2. Hi,
    I have a story to tell and am not sure if this relates to my twin soul/flame. I was very content with my life , wife 17years , two kids. I was never scared of anything and was confident with my descisions. However something happened recently and all that I resembled has been elevated. I always had a litlle empathy and compassion towards those less fortunate them myself. My attititude positive and I always believed as one door closes the other one opens. I would fight for what I believed to be right even if 90% of others would see it differently. Recently my wifes best friend who she hadn’t seen for 20years and is also married with a kid came from overseas and stayed with us.
    From the 1st time I met her and conversing with her, there seemed to a different intensity to how we dealt with each other compared to some of the other friends. From what my wife said is that she would never tell anyone some of her personal experiences but whenever we were alone she would easily confide. Just before she left to go back overseas, I met her and handed her something she had forgotten to take from our place. When I went to give this to her , she had a a few hours to spare, so we set down chatted, lunched and said our good byes. For a brief moment we looked into each others eyes and it seemed to me that i am seeing flames,stars etc and our pupils were starring right into each others. It was as if we were seeing something out of this world. When I realised what we were doing I moved my eyes away and looked at her , without saying anything to each other, we communicated what are we doing. We have our own families we are committed to and and need to look after. I was stunned and I saw she was too. Then we had lunch never talking about what just happened and then said goodbye to her. I thought this phase will pass and life will return to normal but I can’t stop thinking about all the times we chatted and spent together. It was not as if we were flirting with each other but could sense what each other was feeling. I asked my wife to call her and check if she was ok as I could feel the intensity. Later I found out that she was trying to plan a trip back to here again. This really scared me and then I told my wife exactly how I felt about her friend. I told my wife that I don’t know if she feels the same way and that it just might be me. I said that it was not her fault. This memory is so solid that I have tried to focus back on some solid past memories and create some newer memories but I seem to fall back to the one I had with whom I think is my twin/flame. I am so paraniod now that I look into everyones eyes whenever I converse with them to see if I see the same thing. Almost all the songs that are sung on the radio reminds me of her. I saw my wife cry one day while we were driving and my heart sank. I now hold my wifes hand when we are taking a long drive to assure her that I will be around for her and the kids. I have since started creating stronger memories of her and the kids by spending some special quality times. I have started to pray and ask the holy one for strength and faith. I know within myself that it is not right to hurt someone you care and love which is my wife and kids. I was taking everything that came my way in a stride and could find a solution but this experience has taught me a new lesson and made me an even better person. I still think about the friend and pray that she is happy and safe. May the lord give me strength to deal with this.

  3. That’s the right thing to do Mr.xxxxxx. This experience has tought you appreciation,love and gratitude for the woman you love and your children. That is why this was happening to you. The secret to marriage is not about finding the ‘right person to love’,it’s about learning to love the person you already found.

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