Making Choices that help or hinder your twin soul union

The difference between a twin soul relationship and all others is, twin soul relationships are based on the ongoing long term connection between a single soul that has separated for the purpose of having a companion through the journey that the soul choose to undertake. What you are dealing with is the male and female energy of one soul now in two physical forms… That soul does not enter this life with baggage/karma. It is not hampered by feeling of loss or  seeking it’s true partner… These attributes belong to the physical forms that the soul are manifesting through in this life time…Do not be fooled that if you know you have a twin soul there is the possibility it will not work out in the physical because of karma baggage etc…It is up to you to choose to release all that does not belong to your soul  because it is things that you have picked up on the way to where you are now…Becoming aware of a union with another being that is different from all that you have ever experienced… That is just the tip of the iceberg because you are also getting to know a part of your self that has been dormant as ego and others around you have shaped your life…When that part, the author of the relationship begin to stir within, so the delaying tactics begin. Those are not designed to keep the relationship with your twin soul from working, they are designed to keep the relationship with your soul from working…Without a working relationship with your soul it is difficult to manifest a relationship that requires the soul…Your core being is your soul and it is not in any way flawed, it has no karma… You will need to choose the ego/personality which has baggage, karma, doubts, fears, concerns, issues, and no twin soul or the soul which has none  of those issue and a twin soul. Remember you are a spiritual being experiencing a physical life  that means your core must be a spiritual being and to experience life as such you must choose…

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  1. I recently purchased your Forever Twin Flames and Twin Souls book. I am in an unhappy relationahip with someone. A few years ago, I began praying for the man that is mine by Divine right (Twin Flame). Last year, I met him. I knew it was him immediately. He did not recognize me. I had seen him many times in my dreams, but his face was never clear.

    when I looked into his eyes, I was drawn to him in a way that I have never been to anyone. I felt like the world around us stopped, and we were spinning, looking into each others eyes, surrounded by white light. It was not a physical thing.

    We talked for a while. When we looked at each other, we glowed. I talked about spiritual things and about us being twin flames, and I know that I scared him. Then, all communication stopped.

    Now, I see him again because of the things that we are involved in. He tried to avoid me. When he talked to me, he looked in my direction but not at me. I recently begin doing my affirmations from your book, and I have noticed a change in him. Most times, I can feel a connection to him. It is located just below my belly button.

    I have already made the choice to let my soul lead me on this journey. Does my decicion to let my soul lead me in any way influences his soul to do the same?

  2. I found this information very helpful in my quest to learn what is happening emotionally at this moment in my life, really it is because of the magnitude and reality of the situation that I have to look deeper and further, which is not a typical personality trait I must admit, this is bigger then me, bigger than my world,
    Before I move on today and continue such research I thought perhaps I would ask someone who may be able to recognize situation and be sure I am on the right path to such discovery.

    As brief as possible:
    I hurt a lot of people during my youth with my lack of commitment and lies, I took hearts, broke them, and kept a piece for my own as I walked away.
    What I am going thru goes back 15 years ago.
    I have had a reoccurring dream for 15 years, maybe a few times a year or more, I have told very few of this.

    I am currently deeply rooted in a 10 year relationship in which more a co-dependency/share a side of the bed relationship. This person has hurt me with their rejections and turned me into their friend. I have said I would leave a million times or more. To more accurately explain this situation I wasn’t unhappy but I wasn’t happy either.
    Back to the dreams:
    These dreams never ended, and I never knew why and I did some long hard thinking and realized only that these reoccurring dreams are extremely significant, but how?
    -Never knew if I loved this person, I thought I only felt guilt, sadness and sorrow.
    This September I choose to share this with my spouse of 10 years, I never said anything about this other then there was guilt. I shared the fact that the dreams reoccur, and change, and all the above…
    October, almost exactly 10 years since I had last seen the person of my dreams they contacted me. I almost melted, it was as soon as I came clean they came to me. As soon as I admitted this deep something, they then arrived.
    Since October we have been speaking in a friend like fashion, getting to know one another, where we have been, etc. Until New Years… They came 2400 miles to visit with me, there was an immediate spark, I cannot explain it any other way, sincerity, passion, just…I don’t know!? The words and the feelings that go along with this…
    This person… nobody would ever accept them in my life thus my life would become chaos as best and we are so very very very different and yet I don’t seem to care. And so I have gathered all of this bs this crap, these personal differences and attempted to stack them between us over and over for the last two days (WHY? I ready you said not to do that and it turns out, I have been…) But as soon as my mind is strong and I know I cannot do this and I am ready to walk back to my horrible little boring unadorned life then all of a sudden the this bs I have created and stacked up like a wall just comes crumbling down around me and I am being held close and reassured that this is because it was meant to be from 2400 miles away, and I listen and believe it and all I can understand is that I am so scared….
    I have tried to leave my partner of 10 years who is now fully aware of the emotional relationship with another however because of a child we raise together and a new mortgage leaving is not a possibility for another 2.5 years until “the kid” goes off to college. My partner now knowing it all refuses to quit and plans on making the appropriate corrections and the crying at home is so hard and I keep falling into it.
    The research:
    I have determined dreams are a metaphorical interpretation of waking expectations. The brain produces emotional responses that are not physically acted upon, therefore it is more a way of dealing with the emotional arousal by actually completing these expectations while in our dreams with intent to free our brains as if it were a clean slate.
    But repetitive dreams suggest that a situation in life remains present, the slate has not been wiped clean as the message is permanent and pertinent for progression with one’s self.
    Second Question: Am I attempting to push away my soul mate to stay mediocre because I am scared of hurting another?

    1. The repetitive dream is a message from your inner being given when you are open to receive…your fear is not of hurting another but of being hurt, fear that karma is waiting if you take this step that your inner being needs you to take…of the guilt trip and the sudden desire to make things work by your partner is not helping…Soul mate relationships do not haunt us they are transient unions that last only as long as needed..example of soul mates: your first grade teacher, your high school friend that you do not speak to any more…your romantic relationships that you walked away from.

  3. The demon was divine this whole time.
    I had feared it.
    But I realized love and fear cannot not coincide.
    Once I stopped building these walls and stacking the fear of Karma against it, is when it all came crashing down around.
    I seen it, what I could not see, more; fathom.
    It is of a greater power then I could ever describe, just the magnitude is ….
    And so we collide.
    Last question:
    Has two souls aligned?

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