Hope and Trust

Do you think that your inner being/soul the one whose relationship you are pursuing in the physical would set you up? Do you believe that your inner being would make you aware of a union so profound and beautiful only to leave you hanging? Soul never shows you that which it can not produce in your life. The only thing between you and your twin soul union is your beliefs, your thoughts, your fears, your doubts, and what other people believe about the relationship. Those who have pursued a soul union with all the physical prowess, and relationship advice available to them and failed to bring it to bay believe that it can not be done. My suggestion to  you is to pursue your twin soul union with all the spiritual prowess available to you and with all the knowledge your soul/inner being has about her/his union. Ignore ego and those who address the union from the knowledge of ego…If that is all the information available to you then it is time to look with in past ego to your true inner being…Answers, hope, love and all that you need to make your twin SOUL union work is found there…awareness of how your thoughts, beliefs, fears and doubts affect the union and the other half of the union is the first thing that soul makes you aware of…Do you want that person to think of you with love? Then perhaps you had better perceive them with love…OR if you want them to think of all your faults, all that you have done WRONG in the relationship feel free to dwell on what you perceive as their faults and what they have done wrong. Remember they hold a mirror up to our inner thoughts, fears, doubts, beliefs, so we can see what we are projecting into the physical. Wouldn’t it be better if it was love, and a sincere desire to be one with our inner being that they mirrored. Instead what is being mirrored is: judgmental, fault finding, fearful of being hurt,  fearful that choosing love and spiritual will somehow diminish our material possessions and destroy relationships that we hold dear.. Choosing spiritual/soul and love brings all that belongs to soul forward and soul has prepared for this journey long before it began and before you were aware of it…This soul union is just a small part of what belongs to your spiritual being, she/he is prepared to live and to work here in this time and place to bring her/his energy to this reality now with the relationship, and the entire life package.  All that you need to bring to the table is awareness that your inner being will not lead you to something that it can not give you…


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