Hidden Baggage

We all have baggage, some of it very visible. The visible baggage we can work on and eventually let it go. But what happens when you think you have cleared up all of your baggage and you are suddenly blindsided by another truck load of it? It is possibly one of the most frustrating things one can experience on their spiritual path. More so if this baggage gets in the way of a goal or creates an issue in a relationship. Everyone understands a problem on the surface, but few look at the root of the problem. Most problems involve the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. Sometimes there can be a deeper side that involve energetic thought forms. These can be about something one has done, but many time it is about what ones has thought. A thought repeated to one’s self about one’s self can create super deep level mental baggage, even when the obvious surface symptoms have been dealt with this will continue to flare or be triggered.
To fix this level of mental baggage,one must first find the true root of the baggage, is it fear disguised as jealousy, or concern about self worth, or some other issue that continuously pop up. By removing this [fear etc.] from your mind, pulling it out by the root as it were, the reason for the surface baggage it supported will with draw. Remember nature hates a void so when removing the root of the baggage replace it with Divine Love. This gives rise to new positive growth within, helping to evolve you spiritually and mentally past this area that held the baggage. A growth of conscious awareness which comes from becoming more sensitive to your inner being is the final closure in dealing with the baggage and advancing you once again on your spiritual path.
Using every positive tool you have to both eradicate the root of the baggage and move you into an area of new consciousness is a sign of outgrowing your problems.
Carl Jung said: One Doesn’t solve problems:One outgrows them.

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