Samhain 2012

Samhain 2012 Releasing the old!!

Samhain is a time for releasing the old. It is the Celtic New Year, and like all New Years it offers opportunities for new beginnings. Those who still
have changes they would like to make I suggest using the energy of this coming Samhain 2012 as a great time to do so. Make a list of old habits, old beliefs, old ideas and ideals, that does not resonate with who you have become on your spiritual journey. You may have noticed that even though you are making great spiritual strides to awaken to your true self, you are pulled back by old habits or beliefs about who you are. Make Samhain 2012 special by using the energy of this day to release all old habits, ideas and ideals that come between you and your spiritual self.  Be aware that similar old habits and beliefs may plague your twin soul as he/she journey to strive for spiritual awakening.  Old habits and beliefs may hold both of you in thrall, making it difficult to see your way to the steps necessary to bring your relationship to physical fruition. Remember as you release the old replace it with divine love. As you recognize an old idea, ideal, belief or pattern that no longer serve you surround it with divine love and empower that divine love to replace it with that which fits your new spiritual awareness. Be open to releasing the old ideas and ideals that you use to shape your beliefs about what your relationship should look like. Surround them in divine love and open your awareness to be shown what love between the souls really look like, and really feel like.  Let Samhain 2012 be the beginning of a new awareness free of old ideas and ideals that no longer serve your spiritual awakening or your spiritual relationship. Wishing you a Blessed Samhain.

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