Yule 2012

Yule Gifts for your self

This Yule give your self the gift of love, peace, harmony and increased happiness. Take some time for your self during this yule season and meditate on an abundance of love, peace, and harmony in your life. Being stressed is normal during the yule season but it does not have to be normal for you. Take time and remember that you are a soul with a body and as such you deserve peace, and harmony in your life. Insist in having a state of inner peace and harmony no matter how stressful the activity around you.  Take the time to mediate each day to focus on building on the core of inner peace and harmony with in you.  Create a phrase or a word that can return you to that sense of inner peace and harmony when things get hectic or you begin to feel that your inner peace is slipping away. What we feel within is what we send out into the energy around us. If you have cultivated a strong  reserve of inner peace and harmony  that is what will flow from you and that is what will flavor the energy around you. It may not make the Grinchs and Scrooges love you but it will insulate you from their negativity. If you are interacting with your tf or significant other while you prepare for your evening out do not just prepare your physical appearance, also prepare your inner appearance. Your sense of inner peace, harmony and love will make the energy between you enjoyable and filled with a sense of peace that can go a long ways to making for a pleasant evening or encounter even in a stressful setting.  Remember love, peace, harmony and increased happiness starts with you no one can give you these things. They can be shared but they must exist within you first.

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