Emotional Healing and Protection Litha 2013

Litha a time for emotional healing and protection

As Litha/Summer Solstice approach I am reminded that it is a time that in the past was used to do healing, and protection for family and those things important to the well being of the family. As this Litha approach I would suggest that we look to emotional healing  and protection on a personal level . Healing feelings and emotions is as important as healing the physical body. I have noticed that in twin flame relationships the emotions and feeling take quite a beating as the couple  attempts to work out their relationship. That beating  is not just from the misunderstanding and mis directions that the couple endure with each other it seems that family and friends are all to willing to contribute.  This Litha celebrate the turning of the season with a bit of emotional healing and protection for your self. Start with the awareness that a twin soul relationship stem from one soul being divided into it’s male and female components and instead of working together energetically as is normal they must work through two individual physical forms. When those forms deny their oneness the emotional struggle begins. This Litha try to see the oneness in spite of everything. Try for a renewal of your relationship on the spiritual level where the souls are one and no harsh or hurtful things have been said or done. You may use meditation to reach that place, first invite your true self to join you and renew your aquaintance with her/him when you are satisfied with your communication with your true self ask if there is an irrepariable breach in the union between her/him and their other half.  Invite the other half to join you in meditation, witness that union, that connection between the two halves of the soul. From that grasp what your physical union will look and feel like. Ask them both for help with the emotional healing that must take place within you.  As you understand that on the spiritual level there is no seperation between the souls, it is only in the mind that they are seperated and in that the emotional upheaval take place, you will begin the your emotional healing. Now before you leave meditation ask for the key to protect that awareness. When dealing with your twin flame in the physical it is always acceptable to reach out to his/her true self and let them know that you remember there is no seperation. Remeber what we hold in our minds as true we create in our physical reality. So take this Litha, the longest day in the year and change your reality. The emotional healing reminds you that there is one soul two physical forms, the souls are never angry or unhappy with each other. That would be much like you being angry with half of your body. When you do something that cause you an issues you do not remain angry with yourself hopefully. You forgive your self and work with the issue. When you deal with your Twin flame it is much the same as working with your self.


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