Peace and Harmony Yule 2013

Wishing you Peace and Harmony this winter solstice
Yule Comments & Graphics Peace and Harmony

~Magickal Graphics~

Yule is a time of traditions but it is also a time of personal renewal. It is a time to find your peace and your harmony. I know that the yule season for many is a time of rushing, parties, gatherings it is and should be a time of family and friends. But do not forget what makes you a welcome yule guest in the homes of friends and family. Bring something extra to the yule holiday season this year. Bring your inner peace and harmony. It is the best gift your can give your self and those around you. Take the time to renew your inner peace and harmony. This means taking a few moments for your self to find your true self and renew your relationship with your true self. This renewal brings its’ own sense of inner peace and harmony. No matter how busy your schedule this yule holiday take time for your self. The 1/2 hour that you devote to your self and renewing your connection and awareness to your higher self/true self will go a long ways in helping you keep your inner harmony and peace no matter what is occurring around you.  If you are part of a twin flame union or part of a family remember that you can influence the energy around you. Would you prefer a harmonious, peaceful gathering, dinner or party, or one filled with stress and angst. This yule be the example of what this season is about. If you would like your family or your twin flame to be more relaxed and to take time and enjoy the season then set the example energetically and physically for them.  Everyone will benefit from renewing their personal connection with their higher mind/true self. It will help give a better perspective of the yule season and give you time to give your self the best gift of all inner peace, harmony and the clarity of a solid relationship with your true self. I wish you all a blessed Yule with love, peace, harmony and joy the gift you give your self this season and into the new year.