Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year,  wishing every one a blessed and Prosperous 2014

Miscellaneous New Year Comments
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This New Year if you make no other Resolution think about resolving to be aware of your thoughts. Your thoughts create your world. Make sure that your New Years Resolution include paying attention to your thoughts about your self, your life, your abilities, your thoughts should only be ones that you do not mind sharing your world with. If your have made resolutions in the past and have not kept them that is not the end of the world. However if you are planning to make resolutions this New Year of 2014, give them some thought as to how doable are they really. We all have big things we would like to accomplish and that is great, just like every journey begins with one step, accomplishing great things begin with one step. If your resolution is to lose weight, find love, resolve the issue that keep you and your twin flame apart, then start with one small step. First set a goal that you can accomplish in a short period of time. Lose 5 lbs in 2 months, find love; date those people that you feel a connection to, or you have things in common with, she or he may be very attractive but if you have nothing to talk about, no common ground to connect on. you are probably not going to fall in love with each other. Resolving issue that come between you and your twin flame this year, look for ways to communicate either physically or soul to soul, begin there, no recrimination, or harboring negative feelings about past issues make these your first steps, both of which is easily accomplished with a bit of positive thought and focus on your and his/her true self during meditation or quiet contemplation. Small step to being the New Year will lead to accomplishment that can Help you make your resolutions work and keep you positive as you achieve big thins in 2014.