Commitment to your Path II

Your Commitment to your Path requires your mind, body, and soul to succeed

commitment to a path


I spoke of commitment to your path in a previous post. I said speak your commitment, say it out loud. However I need to add more to that information. Feel your commitment. Feel the Commitment to your Path in your heart and in your mind. Just saying it and even taking the steps is not enough.  You need to feel it in your heart and think it in your daily actions. If you commit to a path but keep looking back at what you had, or what you did, you make it very difficult to move forward on the path you have committed to. It is like a person walking backwards, they are liable to stumble and fall many times because their head[mind] is not in what they are doing. Looking backwards means you can not see the way forward. If you can not see the way forward then you can not  fully commit to the path you are on because you really can not see it unfolding in front of you, this causes doubt and fear to keep popping up.  Your verbal commitment to your path should help solidify that path in your mind and keep you focused. However if you do the verbal and still look back at the past with longing then you are not fully committed to your path. If you are not fully committed to your path even a path with little to no bumps will be difficult. A spiritual journey without full commitment to the path that you are on will be more than difficult.  It will be filled with doubts, fears, and desires to backtrack to safety, each of these things slow the progress for you. Slow progress make you doubt yourself and what you have chosen to do. This is pain and anguish that you can avoid by commitment to your path with your mind, soul and body all working together.  Just as these need to be aligned for your life to be it’s most fulfilling they need to be aligned for you to progress on any path you have chosen.