Transformation: Imbolc 2016

Imbolc/Candlemas Comments

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Transformation in keeping with the Season

Imbolc is a time of transformation, How would you like to transform your life? If you want to change something start with a manageable part of the change. Desire to change, move from a true desire to transform a situation in our life to taking action. What are the steps necessary to begin the transformation? Commit to the change you desire. Visualize how your life will be different with that change. Now Commit to the first step you need to take for that transformation to take place. Now you are on your way to creating a change in your life that you desire. If you should lose your momentum then return to the first steps again do that as often as you need. But understand that change does not happen over night. The butterfly must go through some unpleasant stages before it becomes the amazing creature we see. If you are in an area with lots of snow then you know how long the transformation from winter to spring seems. All I am saying is give your self some time to see the results of your commitment.

Still need help with the process? Some encouragement, a bit of guidance? Then look for a spiritual or holistic life coach to help you keep your momentum. Either will be able to guide you and encourage you when you feel overwhelmed or just don’t see the progress you believe should be manifesting.