Hold up before you pick up that cell phone

A twin soul relationship is a sacred one, which contrary to “belief” has very little to do with the physical.
What I mean by that is that even though twin souls inhabit physical bodies, the relationship is one between the souls and that is the souls or inner beings guiding their physical bodies. It’s never about the physical.
Your relationship with your inner being is a spiritual one. Therefore, your inner being is guiding your every move. For those who have a twin soul, the soul always calls the shots because if the bodies let go of their inner beings’ reins, so to speak, body’s out there on there own making some fumbling, bumbling electric boogaloo moves at that point.
Here’s one scenario, body minus the soul goes off to text her twin soul, because she “picked up” on something that informed her to text her other half. But body didn’t check-in with her inner being to confirm it was coming from her inner being. No, it was a not so subtle “external” voice telling her to go ahead. Body stepped out of her inner being’s energy to grab her cell phone and text her twin soul, only to be greeted by a moody twit whose off-key response wasn’t his soul’s.
Truth is twin souls don’t do anything without the guidance of their soul, because it means that not only is moody twit being slapped and tickled by the nearby chaos at that point, it also means his nearest and dearest isn’t in the control seat. Both bodies have leapt to the forefront leaving their inner beings at home stomping their feet and clicking their fingers to usher bumbling bodies to get back to their seats.
Twin souls always operate in the spiritual 24/7 365. The preferred communications always take place on the spiritual and psychic planes. Even when you are married and settled with your twin soul, the communications are still on a soul-to-soul level. Meaning even though you are sitting down next to your twin soul and having a polite conversation with him in the physical, the deeper and more meaningful conversation is taking place on the spiritual, often simultaneously. Physical communications are just an add-on, if it were.
So rule of thumb, if you want pleasant communications between you and your twin soul, make sure your inner being is guiding that conversation otherwise when bumbling bodies minus the soul come together, all the bodies are capable of at that point is a game of bumper cars, quite literally. A collision that the souls are looking on in shame. It’s like wearing L-plates for eternity when the bodies attempt to take charge of the relationship that belongs to their inner beings.
In a twin soul relationship, it’s a bit like following “The Green Cross Code” when it comes to communications. For those not familiar with The Green Cross Code, it’s taught in schools in the UK to raise awareness of road safety. It goes like this:
1. First find the safest place to cross
2. Stop just before you get to the kerb
3. Look all around for traffic and listen
4. If traffic is coming, let it pass
5. When it is safe, go straight across the road, do not run
The same rules can be applied to communications with your twin soul in the physical. “The Twin Soul Cross Code” goes a little something like this:
1. First check the “urge” to call your twin soul is coming from your inner being
2. Stop just before you pick up your cell phone
3. Look towards your inner being and listen
4. If your inner being is not giving you the nudge, let it pass
5. If your inner being confirms to send a text to your twin soul, pick up your cell phone and text, remember be in the here and now

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