Twin Flame Relationships are spiritual based unions

Did you know that the basic of a twin flame relationship is usually spiritual and karmic. It is the continuation of a relationship begun long before the physical bodies existed. The awareness of your twin flame often time comes before the “emotional love”. But we have been programmed to look for the physical and the emotional connections in a person before we seek the “true” connection. If you are basing your twin flame experience on a human love experience, compatible personalities and astrology or other outer indications, it is important to know that these point more to soul mate relationships than to twin flame relationships.  Such indicators do provide proof of compatibility but they do not confirm the depth of the soul connection that indicates a twin flame relationship. Sometimes the difference in the physical lives of twin flames automatically cause the minds to shut out the possibility of there ever being a “love relationship”. These differences can be age, race, religion, or even that the partners are involved in other relationships. If the souls can achieve their work without the “love” relationship then they will. However I have noticed more and more that  is not the case.

The issue are more that one person has a “fixed” idea of their perfect match on the physical level and is unwilling to seek beneath that for a partner that is their perfect match on a soul level. Hence they meet their twin flame and enjoy a brief time where everything between them click. The souls recognize each other and reach out to each other but the bodies after that period of blissful compatibility begin trying to force the relationship to conform to “requirements that they use to make soul mate relationships work. This usually cause much discomfort and a pulling away on the physical. It is helpful to understand that the things that we need to prop up a physical relationship between soul mate is not “necessary” in a twin flame relationship. As the connection between the souls cover those needs on an intense internal level. The problem is that we are so accustomed to other types of relationships that we ignore the sense of well being and forge ahead trying to force the relationship to fit an “accepted” pattern in our minds.