Weekly Relationship Energy for October 2, 2017 through October 8, 2017

The first week of October bring in the energy of change, new opportunities, love and creativity.
Your romantic partnership benefits you this week both in romantic and financial endeavors. You may find your romance is urging you to become an enterprenuer so that you and your partner may work together, or find a new way to do things so that your romance can benefit. No matter which one applies to you change is definitely in the air. The energy around this sitution indicate that it is time to embrace the changes that will benefit your relationship as well as your finances. Resist the urge to fight this change as things will go much smoother for you if you go with the flow.
This change may cause some emotional extremes in your relationship. If things become tense take a breather and look at whether you and your significant other want the same things. If you do not it is time to decide what you can and can not live with.
Perhaps the best way to go forward together is to take some time apart, [no not a seperation, or divorce]. Instead spend some time with friends, do something for your self. It isn’t important what you do just so long as you do something to help you gain perspective.
Doing this will help you find a way to reconnect with your partner and get things moving forward again. You both realize that you have a solid relationship but you have reached a milestone and you must now choose a way forward. You can discuss your differences and find new confidence concerning your long term plans. You realize that you are better together but there is room for compromise and change. As I said earlier change is inevitable at this time.

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