Relationship Energy – Saturday October 7, 2017 -The Hermit

Relationship Energy - Saturday October 7, 2017 -The Hermit

The energy of this card indicate the possibilities of a new beginning in your love life. It is about letting go of baggage and emotional attachments that you have out grown. In a relationship you may feel the need to detach from the world because only then does things seem to come together with you and your significant other. As enticing as that may be unless you are happy living away from everything you must find a way to keep the connections between you going in the everyday world. You may think that the magic in the relationship evaporate when you are dealing with day to day life but it does not. The energy of this card denote two people with a relationship whose connection is so deep that you feel more like one person than two [twin souls perhaps]. The hermit indicates a partner who gives not just their heart to the relationship but they bring their soul to the relationship and is only interested in being in a deep meaningful relationship. So if you are having difficulties in your relationship and this card indicate either you or your partner you will need to bring your heart, soul and integrity to the relationship in order for it to work. The beauty of this is the Hermit indicates a relationship that will grow stronger with each passing day.

If you are single then the energy of the card indicates a need to divest yourself of past emotional baggage. This card usually indicate a letting go of the old ways and seeking a deeper meaning. The hermit points to a need to connect to your self. This is the step that you must master to help you enter into a relationship with integrity.

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