Relationship Energy for Thursday October 12, 2017 – The Hierophant

Relationship Energy for Thursday October 12, 2017 - The Hierophant

The energy of this card indicate a traditional relationship. If commitment and marriage is important to you this card indicate that is what your partner is looking for as well. The energy of the Hierophant indicate a relationship between equals where you are encourage to go after your dreams. However in this situation you will not be seeking alone your partner will also be sharing the path with you. Together you are able to connect on a spiritual level and create something that is both spiritual and material.
If security matter to you the energy of this card is directing you to be aware that it is also important to your partner. You will find this relationship is effortless as it is between two people who share a life purpose.
The energy indicate a secure relationship between two people who can’t imagine life without each other.
If you are single and this card comes up it indicates that the person you are asking about has traditional beliefs about the relationship.
If you are in a relationship that has not reached the point of commitment don’t worry there is a wedding in your future.

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