Excerpts from: Forever: Twin Flames and Twin Souls by Lady Dyanna

Forever:Twin Flames and Twin Souls

Introduction A Short Guide for Soul Based Relationships

Seeking a relationship occupies a great deal of our time. It starts in puberty and continues through a large portion of our adult life until we find the “one”. Whenever I ask someone what they are looking for in a partner, they usually roll out a grocery list of attributes they would like to see in a partner. I wonder if that list will make a difference in keeping the relationship together. What if the person who meets all those requirements in your life has their own grocery list of requirements and you don’t fit it, then what? Will you compromise for someone who doesn’t have it all, but who has the most important things — which rarely ever make the “list”?
If there was a blueprint for finding the correct partner, would we be able to follow it? What if the steps to finding the right partner were laid out for you?
Finding the right partner is both simple and hard. It’s simple because the principles are easy to explain. It’s hard because it requires patience and an awareness of what is really important to make a long term relationship work. I have had people question me about the potential for “forever” in
relationships and even ask how to find the relationship that will last forever. First, it depends on what “forever” really means to you. I have seen many articles concerning Twin Flame relationships and how they work. However, in truth, all relationships that last must have two key ingredients: a spiritual connection and a special kind of love, not just an emotional neediness or a physical attraction — but love. The kind of love that will withstand anger, arguments, humiliation, rejection, financial difficulties, family dislikes, perceived communication issues, and the entire grocery list of requirements. I have noted that a relationship that has these two key ingredients in the foundation can and will stand the test of time, and the test of outside influences both physical and non-physical. On this base stands “forever”.
I am sure you are wondering, “Aren’t those things on my grocery list important? I am pretty sure if my partner is a poor communicator we will have problems.” You could be right, but there are many ways to communicate. We can’t all be talkers — in fact, sometimes the best communications does not use words at all. Sometimes words aren’t necessary to let us know what our partner is feeling. Is it better to have a partner who serves you a candlelit dinner and gives you a hand with the household chores so you can spend time cuddling; or would you prefer the one who says he loves you and sits on the couch watching TV and asking “when is dinner ready”? If your wish-list included words like “communicative, helpful, loving and thoughtful”, you likely overruled three of those because you expressed to your Souls with your thoughts and actions that it was most important to be told that you are loved.
There is nothing wrong with needing to hear those three little words, but if gestures and actions communicate those three little words, perhaps you need to adjust your views on communication. If I look into my partner’s eyes and can see the love there, feel it every time we touch, and in his/her
every action, I would count myself foolish to insist that he or she should say those words to me or else I’ll assume that they aren’t in love with me.
A relationship built on spiritual connections and love does not really need the same props that a purely physical relationship requires. Many of the things that occur in a purely physical relationship have a way of grinding to a halt after the commitment has been made. The important connections
and feelings in a spiritually-based relationship never really stop. The Souls are very good at communication and for the duration of the relationship, the partners are able to maintain all the things that attracted the Physical Bodies to each other initially.
Problems only arise when we try to force the same criteria on a spiritual relationship as we use in a physical one. The spiritual relationship starts with a soul-to-soul connection usually followed by a physical and emotional connection.
What is different is that the Souls have recognized each other and now it is up to the body to be aware of why you are so interested in someone that doesn’t look like your dream date or may not make you swoon immediately.
It is when The Souls are pushed to the side and you try to hold on to what you felt when The Souls were guiding
the relationship that the trouble may begin. Yet, even if you go your separate ways, you find yourself still thinking of this person. You are not obsessing. You have begun the process of “resuming forever”.
Seeking advice from someone who has never had a Soul-based relationship usually reinforces the negatives and assures you that you can forget that person. If you have ever met the “one”, then you will know that forgetting that person does not happen even after 40 years of living separate lives. Many times people do return to that One True Love even after 40-year separations. The Souls will always seek the fulfillment of true love.
“Forever” is: a journey of two souls that belong together. Their Physical Bodies must find the strength, the courage and the perseverance to make it happen. “Forever” is absolutely an achievable event in this lifetime for Twin Souls.