Relationship Energy – Saturday October 28,2017 – The Chariot

Relationship Energy - Saturay October 28,2017 - The Chariot

The energy of this card indicates a relationship that requires each person have their personal space. Even though passion will grow quite fast and be strong in your relationship you may find that you still need some time to your self. This energy may indicate a long distance relationship. Freedom to pursue your own agenda does not indicate a problem in a relationship represented by the chariot. The energy of this card naturally indicates someone who is in control of their own destiny. Even though you are in a relationship you and your partner may find your selves pursuing very different ideas and ideals when it comes to some things. This is not a deal breaker if you remember that a good strong relationship does not require the couple to be “joined at the hip”. Just remember that balance is important for a good relationship. If you are the strong one in the relationship use your strength to benefit both of you not to dominate.
Once you have established the foundation of this relationship it will be a very solid union.
If you are single and this card shows up the energy indicates you will meet someone who may desire to be the hero in the relationship. If this is not what you desire then let them know that you are not seeking a hero but a partner. Let this be the energy that stays with the relationship or it could become a bit overwhelming.

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