Excerpts from: Forever: Twin Flames and Twin Souls by Lady Dyanna

Excerpts from: Forever: Twin Flames and Twin Souls by Lady Dyanna

Who or What is the Soul?

In the previous chapter, I have spoken of The Soul and the Ego. Let’s take a brief look at who and what The Soul is.
The soul is a piece of universal or cosmic energy that has been shaped by the Divine Will to serve as the connection between humanity and the Divine. The Soul in and of itself is divine. The Soul is the piece of the divine that exists within all mankind, thus making all of humanity spiritual
beings. It is Divine Consciousness. The Soul has been called by many names throughout mans’ development:
The God/Goddess Self, The God-Mind, Divine Mind, Universal Spirit, Spiritual Mind, Universal Soul — and these are just a small number of the names that the Soul has.

The Soul that you are part of has existed many lifetimes, and now it is manifesting physically through you. It brings with it not only the connection to everything that ever was and will be, but it also brings the gift of Divine Love. That is what you and your Twin Soul have felt and shared. It is in and of itself a powerful force. It is a force that restores balance in our lives and in the world around us. It is no wonder that there are so many conflicting theories about Twin Soul relationships. They are relationships between Souls. When they [The Soul’s relationship] manifest physically, they have the ability to bring positive change to all that they touch.
The Soul is the ultimate source of information, guidance, and love. It is your key to seeing the world without illusion or confusion. It is the element that is necessary to be in control of your life and your destiny.
The Soul does not interfere with your free will. It actually allows you to use your free will whenever you want — and like an indulgent parent, it cleans up the messes that your free will leave behind. Alternatively, also like a stricter parent, the Soul may allow you to experience the consequences of your actions. Either way, The Soul awaits your decision whether to use its vast resources to achieve “forever”, or continue to rely on other sources.




Here I will give you information on Meditating as well as the first affirmations to use to begin your journey to “forever”.
Meditating is a means of focusing your thoughts. When you first start to meditate, do not try to stop the thoughts. Let them come until they stop on their own. The harder you fight them to stop them the more persistent they will be. As they come you should dismiss them without analyzing or even focusing on them. It may surprise you as to how many thoughts come before the mind is quiet…
A Simple Method of Meditation to Get You Started
If you have practiced meditation before, then use the method with which you are comfortable. If you have never practiced Meditation before: Select a time of day and a place when you can be alone and undisturbed for at least half an hour Wear loose comfortable clothing and sit in an upright position with your back and spine as straight as possible,
either at a table or desk. On the table place a single white candle in a holder. Before lighting the candle, mentally imagine yourself surrounded by a pure white protective light or aura. Now proceed with the steps below:
For approximately 10 minutes, no need to time yourself, look intently into the burning candle flame. The candle needs to be at least one foot away from your head. The concentration of your visual gaze will steady your mind, help focus it, and quiet your daily thoughts. After 10 minutes, close your eyes concentrate on the after-image of the candle flame it will be in the area of your third eye [middle of your forehead], this image will fade out after a few minutes. The most important part of this exercise is that you have moved from an outer focus to an inner focus. Using this method prepares you for the inner focus that is necessary to connect with your soul.
There are many images that may occur once the after-image from the candle is gone. Like the thoughts, let them come until they stop.
Affirmative Meditation
To practice affirmative meditation you have simply to quiet yourself and relax using the technique above. Now start your affirmations:

Affirmation One
“My mind is now relaxed into a quiet meditative state
that allows only my soul
who is a being of Universal Love and Universal Truth
to come forward and communicate with me.
Now, in accordance with my will and desire,
I am one with my soul
physically, spiritually, consciously,
subconsciously, emotionally
and mentally.”

Affirmation Two
“Now, in accordance with my will and desire,
all blocks, obstacles, limitations, connections, controls,
influences and interferences to my oneness
with my soul is removed physically,
spiritually and mentally.”

Affirmation Three
“Now, in accordance with the will and desire of my soul,
all blocks, obstacles, limitations,
connections, controls, influence,
and interference around,
 the relationship with my soul partner
is removed and the relationship
is moving forward physically,
spiritually, and emotionally,
simultaneously without a struggle.”
If you have it [love],
you don’t need to have anything else.
If you don’t have it,
it doesn’t matter much what else you do have.
– Sir James M. Barrie