Relationship Energy for Tuesday November 7, 2017 – 5 of Swords

Relationship Energy for Tuesday November 7, 2017 - 5 of Swords

This card was last seen on October 24. That being said it indicates that the relationship is headed for rough times and a possible break up. This can be dealt with if you and your significant other are willing to compromise. There is a need for balance in the relationship because one partner has been taking advantage of the other. It may not have appeared to be a big deal in the beginning but it is now taking a toll on the relationship. Either it stops or the relationship will continue to be imbalanced and rocky. The energy surrounding the relations is fraught with frustration and feeling of regret. However, if you both choose to compromise and change the relationship has a chance of becoming more relaxed and balanced. This card indicates that there is work needed in this relationship if it is to survive.

If you are single the energy of this card indicates that you may be looking for love but unwilling to jump through the hoops you perceive necessary to get it.

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