Relationship Energy – Saturday December 9, 2017 – The Magician

Relationship Energy - Saturday December 9, 2017 - The Magician

This card in a reading indicates that you have found your soulmate. That does not mean your work is over and you can sit back and enjoy. The energy of The Magician is that he represents your ideal partner. You have lots in common, you make each other laugh you have a common interest, lots to talk about, it is a very active relationship. This is someone who is not exactly like you but someone who compliments you. He will push you to be your best self, you will need to start growing and maturing. He will encourage you to be self-sufficient and self-reliant. He wants to be proud of you, therefore, you must make something of yourself.  This may make you feel pressured or even paranoid that you may end up being cheated on if you do not live up to what you perceive his standards to be. You may feel the need to always try to prove your self.

You may feel as if you are losing yourself in this relationship but once you overcome the fear of losing the one you love and the need to constantly prove yourself you can start to enjoy the relationship.

This relationship in all of its intensity may be the mark of a twin soul relationship. This relationship will involve you in the world around you and teach you how to be part of something much bigger than you. It is important that when this card shows up in a  relationship reading that you begin working on developing a strong sense of self. Because the relationship that it indicates can test you emotionally and leave you feeling drained. Even though the energy of this card can mean intense feeling it also means that you are in a place where there is nothing you can not achieve so go ahead an focus on the things that interest you and put your professional life in order. The relationship that you will be entering or is already in will push you in the direction to be successful professionally and to cultivate your sense of self.

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