Relationship Energy – December 12, 2017 – The Lovers

Relationship Energy - December 12, 2017 - The Lovers

The energy of the Lovers is about Love and Choice. If you are just meeting someone this card indicates that you need to look closely at all aspect of your union. You may find some difference that could threaten the smooth sailing of the relationship. It is now that you need to choose whether these differences are things that you can live with after the first bloom of romance began to mature.

If you choose to be with this person despite the differences you will find that the relationship is special. It will evolve into a relationship that always feels new. The energy of this union denotes a spiritual and psychic connection between you. The love that you have continued to grow with time becoming deeper stronger and more committed. This is a relationship that is meant to be. That is the positive side of the energy around this card.

The downside of this energy is that the love that you have for your partner will attract meddling and jealousy. Meddling may come from a family member, friend, or coworker. It could be because they want what you have, or they truly only see the differences that you will have to deal with in the relationship and do not believe your love will be strong enough to deal with it. On the other hand, this energy may attract ex-lovers who wonder what is so special about the person you are with that makes you happy in a way that they did not.

This card’s energy is about choices so once you have chosen it is wise to understand that love is not a game. Your choices will affect your partner and when your partner is hurt by something that you do you too will feel the hurt. With the energy of this card once you have chosen love you have gained the ultimate prize. You and your partner together are the balanced and ultimate union. With this energy that is now part of the relationship you can have the relationship of your dreams and together you can become everything that you have ever dreamed of being and so much more. The energy of this card depicts a love that is so deep that once you have committed to it nothing can come between you and your partner.

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