Relationship Energy – Thursday December 21, 2017 – Knight of Swords

Relationship Energy - Thursday December 21, 2017 - Knight of Swords

When this card appears someone is trying to win you over. It is a game they want to win. This could be a competition between two people interested in winning your heart, attention or affection. It could be that you are not yet ready to commit and the Knight of Swords is pulling out all the stops to win you over. Keep in mind the Knight of Swords loves the chase.

If you are in a relationship it could indicate a back and forth between two strong personalities who are going through an argumentative stage. You both want the same thing so bide your time and pay attention to how you communicate the issue to each other.

This card could also represent restless energy where you want more than your partner is ready to give so carve out a space for your self your partner will come around in spite of the breaking up and getting back together. You love each other but this card indicates warrior energy so he wants to “fight” and win. If you do not relish the idea of constantly being at war in your relationship it will help to find something that will challenge that energy other than your relationship.

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