Relationship Energy – Sunday December 24, 2017 – Wheel of Fortune

Relationship Energy - Sunday December 24, 2017 - Wheel of Fortune

The energy of this card indicates that there is a need to follow your inner voice and a more natural rhythm. There are rhythms and flow to everything and when we align with it we are less frustrated and more successful.

If you have experienced frustration in the last few weeks because your timing has been off and you feel stuck in a rut this card indicate you are at a point where you can move forward. But you will only have the success you seek if you listen to your inner voice and flow with the natural rhythm. You need to follow that inner voice do not let fear stop you. Once you adapt to the new cycle and release that which is no longer working life moves again for you.

Your relationship when this card comes up feels and appears to be destiny you meet the person who belongs in your life or you are already with the person whom you should be with.

Again listen to your inner voice and pay attention to the natural rhythm and cycles or you will feel like you have been flung into the deep end of things with no hope of getting your feet. That is not true, success and adventure are yours for the taking at this time. Your way of taking advantage of that is listening to your inner voice. It will let you know when to move and what moves to make to have success in your relationship.

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