Relationship Energy – Saturday, January 6, 2018 – The Emperor

Relationship Energy - Saturday, January 6, 2018 - The Emperor

The energy of this card indicates security and abundance. If you are in a relationship then this card indicates your significant other is older than you and very confident. The energy of the card indicates that your significant other may be the one in charge and you may be in a position to learn from your significant others vast store of knowledge and information about things on the physical and material plane. This card indicates the opportunity for the dream of family, social standing, and affluence to come true. In the beginning of the relationship, it will feel like your partner is the ruler of all that comes into sight. You will be forced to grow into the role that this life demands and as you do remember not to lose touch with your soul. The energy of this relationship indicates there is a need for balance and while your partner is excelling in the physical and material, it is important that you learn what is being taught while maintaining a strong connection to your soul. Letting go of this connection will see this relationship crushing you beneath its wheels. The energy of the emperor indicates that you must stay strong within your self as this is how you balance the outer strength of the Emperor and provide the emotional and spiritual strength that he will seek. Your role when your partner is the Emperor is that of the wise one, the nurturing one. The energy of this card teaches you to be strong. It will take you full circle to the strong connection that you have forged with your inner being. When you reach this point you will be a suitable partner for the Emperor, no longer concerned that you may not be capable of keeping up with the standards and the pace your partner set. You will be equal to all things that the relationship requires including having a quiet nurturing space that takes you and your family out of the spotlight.

If you are single this card indicates that the person coming into your life may be older than you. It is possible it may a boss or someone you meet through your job. The chemistry may not be instant but it will grow.

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