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This blog, Twin Flame/Twin Souls was created by Lady Dyanna to advise, enlighten and empower those who have found their twin soul and is beginning the spiritual Journey to manifest the relationship into the physical. It is for those who believe that they are never given a dream without the means to bring it to reality. Here on Twin Flame/ Twin Souls we offer you an opportunity to either focus on the twin flame/twin soul relationship or on the total package. Because the Twin Flame/Twin souls relationship is the beginning of your own personal journey, it is believed you should have an opportunity to focus on your  spiritual and personal development simultaneously. Because everything is begun in the spiritual or the mind before it manifest into the physical it is helpful to develop the tools to make sure that your spiritual direction and your personal direction are compatible. When they are not it cause stress, and unhappiness.  Neither is conducive to having  a good interpersonal relationship. This site has information on Spiritual Life Coaching, Life Coaching and of course Twin Flame/Twin Souls Relationships. We hope that you find what you need as you browse our blog.

Lady Dyanna is an Intuitive reader and pastoral counselor specializing in twin flame relationships and soul mate relationships. A teacher of Metaphysics, Magic, Spiritual and Psychic development. Lady Dyanna have over 20 years of experience in Spiritual guidance as a Spiritual Life Coach, Relationship guidance, Guiding Twin Flame relationships to fruition,guidance in maintaining your twin flame relationship,Tarot reading and intuitive reading.


  1. I really need someone to talk to about my twinflame/soul relationship. Can you e-mail me possibly offer a telephone where i can speak to you? I stumbled onto your website, and there are no such things as coincidences to me. Please I really need guidance.

  2. I really want to talk to you and seek for an answer about my feeling between me and my sis….which we don’t really understand how strong we feel for each other….we are not twin………i have one question that searching for an answer and it’s a question that separate me from the other!
    p.s. i think like you (Mr. Van Nguyen): there are no such things as coincidences to ME.

  3. Hi there, I would like to talk to you about a relationship with this guy… I think he’s my twin soul, but I don’t know for sure. Definitely a past life connection though.

    I just clicked on your Call button and it said it was connected, but I couldn’t hear anything! How do you do it?

    Thanks, take care 🙂

  4. I think your website is amazing and I would like to arrange an email reading from you? I believe I met my twin flame a year ago. We had known ‘of’ each other for some 7 years prior to this, but had never really spoken or connected before. We had a amazing but brief relationship which ended due to complications. He was living with the mother of his children and had also been seriously ill. He indicated to me that he was deeply unhappy in his relationship and wanted to leave, but did not want to put his health problems on anyone else. I tried to remain in touch with him but he will not even so much as acknowledge me. I feel that it is unresolved with us and I really wonder why he is running? I have been working on myself and do feel I have found myself over this past year although is has been tough at times. If this relationship is to manifest in the physical how can I assist in this? Thanks so much….

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  6. Dear lady Dyanna, I am Grace. I have been working with my dear friend, sister and teacher for nearly 8 years now. She is going into a deep meditation period for the next year and a half. I’ve worked with her on a weekly trade basis(helping each other over the years), we’ve worked together in many areas of my life, from my quickly expanding abilities to my connection with my twin flame. I’ve been seeking someone who felt right on a soul level, to work with me during the period of my friends meditation. You feel like the person, I stumbled upon this site and everything felt right inside, my guides also seem to have taken a liking to you as well. My contact information is starlightsmiling@gmail.com Many Blessings, Grace

  7. Greetings,
    I am the author of the Tarot, Astrology and Rune flashcard decks from Living Magick Publishing. I would like to contact you with some information about our affiliate program but I couldn’t find any contact information on your website. Please email me through http://www.LivingMagick.com.

    Thank you,
    Jadzia DeForest

  8. Hi Lady Dyana,

    I registered for the discussion forum. I didn’t notice a place to put in a message for you, so I am emailing you here. We spoke this morning. My user name is Bindusource.

  9. Hi Lady Dyanna

    I really wondered if we could chat personally as I need some guidance. Right now I feel like giving up on this relationship but I feel so drawn to him. Its very deep and all my family /friends are against this yet again after us getting over the last hurdle. He loves me I love him and we feel as if we are twin flames. I know that all this pain is bringing me to enlightenment as I am having glimmers of it but yet again I am left dealing with 3 kids whilst he has to go and work on himself (although I dont mind the space as I do more growth in that time and focus on my healing business)!! Am I deluding myself with romanticism/connection and should I go my own path and find someone less hard work. Its a long story and the worst addiction going is involved for him. We have had a year and a half seperated before and I am having to do tough love and pretend I dont love him so that he loses everything and learns to deal with this. He and I are both highly spiritual, I get glimmers of enlightenment and peace etc, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Janine xxxxxxxxxx Ps, what do you charge for a reading/email and if we are in fact twin flames or I am just one of those women who love too much or something!!!!! Its such a rollercoaster and I wonder if we will ever get there!x

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  11. Hi,

    I will be pleased to offer you proofreading services at very affordable rates. I am a regular reader of your posts and have found enlightenment. Having walked the path you speak of, i can EXACTLY co-relate and map my life to these principles.

    It will be an honor to be of service to you.

    For my experience, please see my online Linkedin profile on http://www.linkedin.com/in/talhabinhisaam or Twitter on http://twitter.com/#!/Anonymaco.

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    Waiting to hear from you.


  12. I only recently discovered your blog and I’ve found it to be really helpful. I know this guy and have known him for a few years now, who I have strong feelings for. We are not together, and never have been. I have reason to believe the feelings are mutual but when he was single I was with another and now that I’m single he’s in a committed relationship. I was recently told by an intuitive/alternative med practitioner that we are twin flames. I had never heard the term before. Reading your blog has really helped me, but I just don’t know how to handle this situation. I would love your perspective and assistance with this. Could we set up a time to speak?
    Thanks, Andi

  13. HI there Lady Dyanna

    I would really welcome a chat with you regarding a gentleman I have met. ALthough we recently broke up after a short relationship due to a problem from his past resurfacing suddenly I feel in my heart and gut that we were meant to be together. I know he is frustrated, angry and hiding (not in a physical sense). I am experiencing feelings such as mood swings and intense filling of my heart with sadness. WHen I get this I try and send him love but I am not sure if he gets it. Sometimes though I do get a feeling of calm after. I am trying not to contact him and give him his space but last week I sent him a short friendly text and for the next few hours I had a feeling of real happiness and that everything was going to be OK.

    As I said I would really appreciate a consult with yourself and so wonder when would be the best time to chat/phone.

    Love and light…………..Joanna

  14. Your blogging site is incredibly useful. Thank you so much for giving an abundance of practical content. I’ve bookmark your blogging site website and will be without the need of doubt coming back. At the time all over again, I appreciate all your perform and in addition comeing right here to talk with me.

  15. I am into a relationship and we both feel that we are twin souls of each other.we can actually connect our minds and communicate with each other up to certain level. we actually feel the flow of energy when we both are together and when we both try to get connected with each other.but we are finding it really difficult to convince our families to proceed for this relationship. what step are we supposed to take?what will be the consequence if we wont be able to live together?

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