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Transformation: Imbolc 2016

Magickal Graphics Transformation in keeping with the Season Imbolc is a time of transformation, How would you like to transform your life? If you want to change something start with a manageable part of the change. Desire to change, move from a true desire to transform a situation in our life to taking action. What are the steps necessary to […]

Yule 2014

Yule 2014 Greetings and Blessing to all ~Magickal Graphics~“So the shortest day came, and the year died, And everywhere down the centuries of the snow-white world Came people singing, dancing, To drive the dark away. They lighted candles in the winter trees; They hung their homes with evergreen; They burned beseeching fires all night long To keep the year alive, […]

Litha Blessings 2014

Magickal Graphics Litha/Summer Solstice On this day the Sun God is seen at his highest point in the sky, vibrant and strong. Together with the pregnant Mother Goddess he rules the summer season. However, this is also a time of transition, for now the Sun will begin its yearly descent and the days grow shorter until the Winter solstice. The […]