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Excerpts from: Forever: Twin Flames and Twin Souls by Lady Dyanna

Releasing Another thing that will need to happen — which may be difficult at first — is to take a good look at yourself and what you are bringing to the relationship. This list of props that you normally use to access a relationship will need to be discarded. Maybe your phone isn’t ringing off the hook every day but […]

3 Signs That Your Relationship is Toxic

One of the hardest things for anyone in a relationship to admit is that their relationship toxic and may need to end. For many of us when we enter a relationship, we’re usually have on rose-colored glasses and become infatuated with our partner. Often times we only focus on our partners good qualities and don’t […] via 3 Signs That Your […]

Relationship Energy – October 8, 2017 – 3 of Wands

The energy of this card indicate success if imminent. You are poised on the threshold of success, the person you have been waiting for appear in your life. A casual meeting while you are out with friends may be the path this person takes into your life. You will have a strong spiritual connection and your ideals seem to mesh […]

The Better You Know Yourself, the Better Your Relationship With the Rest of the World – Toni Collette

As we get older and take on more responsibility, our daily lives become more and more full. With all of the activities, chores, errands, and more, it may be difficult to regularly have time to sit back, relax, and reflect on ourselves and how we’re feeling. This can be when we start to feel disconnected… via The Better You Know Yourself, […]

Relationship Energy – Thursday October 5, 2017 – Nine of Wands

The energy of this card indicate a need to look closely at your relationship and determine if you and your significant other desire the same things from life and the relationship. If you do not then you need to evaluate your expectations for the relationship and determine what you can and can not live with. If you do have the […]