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Relationship Energy-October 10, 2017-The Lovers

The energy of the Lovers is about Love, and Choice. If you are just meeting someone this card indicate that you need to look closely at all aspect of your union.You may find some difference that could threaten the smooth sailing of the relationship. It is now that you need to choose whether these differences are things that you can […]

Relationship Energy – Saturday October 7, 2017 -The Hermit

Relationship Energy - Saturday October 7, 2017 -The Hermit

The energy of this card indicate the possibilities of a new beginning in your love life. It is about letting go of baggage and emotional attachments that you have out grown. In a relationship you may feel the need to detach from the world because only then does things seem to come together with you and your significant other. As […]

STEPHANIE LUCAS: “Straight Talk on Soul Mate Connections and Twin Flame Unions” — Circle of the Dolphins

After observing thousands of comments amid a half dozen Facebook groups revolving around twin flames, what I observed were a lot of individuals trying to force soul mate connections and twin flame unions. People feeling angry, hurt, depressed, sad, and rejected every time their so-called ‘twinny’ didn’t return their calls or forgot to tell them […] via STEPHANIE LUCAS: “Straight Talk […]

SUNANDA SHARMA: “Twin Flame Telepathy & Third Dimension” — Circle of the Dolphins

One may question why would twin flames choose to live on the edge? Well, it is more like they are divinely tested to that extent that they exude crystal light and pure unconditional love. To really exude unconditional love, one needs to refine one self and let the diamond within unfold. Doing so is quite […] via SUNANDA SHARMA: “Twin Flame […]

SOPHIE GREGOIRE: “Message For Twin Flames ~ Trust Your Own Inner Knowing” — Circle of the Dolphins

“Twin Souls are ‘committed’ to each other but they don’t need to say it. They’ve agreed to come together in this life but this requires no words, no rings, no schedules or timelines. It’s a commitment of the higher realms.” ~Sophie Gregoire There is no need to “let go” or “move on”: You can […] via SOPHIE GREGOIRE: “Message For Twin […]