Inner Work Create Positive Change

Samhain 2012 Start your inner work to bring positive change and personal growth.

Samhain is the time for inner work. If your interest is in personal growth then creating changes in your life begins with inner work. Remember that what you think is going to be reflected in your physical world. The energy of Samhain is an excellent time to align your inner being and your outer desired changes. Work with positive thought, and truth, your own inner truths. Do not accept the common accepted answers look for the answer and solutions that resonate with your own inner truth. Accept your inner truth in the present moment. Deal with how you feel right now. Realize that by facing how you feel in the moment you will have a more realistic look at where you are and what you need to do to move to where you want to be. This is true of physical and emotional situations. If you are angry with your partner look at the anger, then look at your true feelings for your partner. Are you able to put the anger aside and look for a positive resolution or is this anger part of a deeper situation that require major change in your situation. What does your inner truth call for. When doing inner work prepare to take a good hard look at your present feelings, needs and concerns. How do they match your present situation, how can you make positive changes in the moment. No matter what your situation the first step to making changes start with inner work and learning to apply positive thoughts to your current situation. Positive inner thoughts attract positive energy to what you are attempting to achieve. Sometime we start the inner work but need a boost to keep it moving that is what a Life Coach can assist you with. Wishing you a blessed Samhain 2012 .

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