Making a Change in your Life

Changes need to be your choice –I

Need to make changes in your life but do not know where to begin? Before you do anything make sure that you really want to make the changes. Making changes because someone else suggest it will not be as effective or last as long as changes made because you desire a change. Your mind set control how effective a change in your life is and how well it works. That is true of changing a habit, losing weight, making a career change, or making your relationship work. Once you choose change and remove all the doubts, fears, beliefs  that you have about the situation it will flow much smoother and quicker.


Change in your life effect everything in your life –II

Did you know that your relationships with family and spouse, your career and your finances are all connected.  We believe that we can separate our career from our family/relationship. But how true is  that if your career comes between you and your family. Your career make you miss important family events… Your career cause stress in your life that overflows into your family life..Your finances of course are tied into your career and your family. You put in long hours because you perceive that  it is money that your family needs to make them happy. Money to buy things to make them happy. What if they need more of your time and attention to make them happy? What if your perception of what is needed to make your family happy or to make your relationship work changed? Is it possible that it would also change the things that you feel you need to do to keep the relationship working or the family happy? It is our perceptions that shape a great part of our lives.The rest is shaped by what those perceptions create. If your perception is that it requires a large sum of money in your bank account to make you happy your life will revolve around creating that. Creating that will over ride having a career that you enjoy for one that gives you a large sum of money. It will over ride family events and relationship situations that need attention.  How do you have it all? Change your perception of what it takes to make you happy especially if you are not happy right this moment.  Finding joy in life and living in the moment does not mean we have to have the grasshopper/ant mentality. There is a place in the middle and that is the place that you create, where your career is enjoyable your family and relationship have priority and your finances are great. Working with a Holistic Life coach to find that happy medium is one way to get there.



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