Creating Abundance

Creating Abundance for your self in 2013

Wishing all of my clients a happy new year.

“Doing what you love is the cornerstone
of having abundance in your life.”
Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

I do hope that everyone has chosen to make this new year one of abundance, prosperity and happiness. Regardless of the world financial outlook, which is none too bright at the moment, you may choose to take control of your personal abundance. Abundance does not just apply to the material or financial it apply to happiness, health, love, friendship etc.. In the New Year you may choose to pursue what ever form of abundance that will bring you inner peace and joy. Some simple rules to work with is always look at what you have in a positive manner. Perhaps you do not have “enough money” but never say I am broke, or I do not have any money. It may be true but the statement also become a self fulfilling prophecy. Positive thought is the first step in creating a positive situation. Creating abundance begin when you believe that you deserve abundance. Once you accept that you deserve abundance the next step is to explore ways to attract abundance to you. Many times part of this process will be changing how you think and speak about what you have. When you find your self thinking or voicing  the negative, immediately take that back and replace it with a positive. “I don’t have” should become “I have”. Have you ever had someone ask you for something and you say “I don’t have it”, even when you do.  Do not let anyone force you into creating a negative for your self. It is easier to say “I don’t have for you” at this time. You have neither told and untruth or created a negative for your self. Pay attention to how you respond, remember your response should not be “I don’t have”. When faced with a need that you are not able to meet immediately state that “I have all that I need “. The positive pep talk will help you begin seeking the resources instead of dwelling on the not having and creating a stronger negative situation which you will mentally and physically need to drag your self out of. This new year why not resolve to think and speak positive and use that as a spring board to begin attracting abundance of all kinds into your life.

Creating Abundance New Year 2013
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