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Excerpts from: Forever: Twin Flames and Twin Souls by Lady Dyanna

Releasing Another thing that will need to happen — which may be difficult at first — is to take a good look at yourself and what you are bringing to the relationship. This list of props that you normally use to access a relationship will need to be discarded. Maybe your phone isn’t ringing off the hook every day but […]

Awakening to the True Self

You are a Spiritual being awakening to your true self You are a spiritual being.  Your twin soul relationship awakens you to your true self.  Manifesting your twin soul relationship is part of  your awakening to your true self. You are a soul with a body. It is this concept that you must embrace and understand to manifest your twin […]

What Do I do Now that I found my Twin Flame?

Understanding your twin flame relationship Many of you have questions about having found your Twin Flame, now what do I do?  You need to understand that this is not an ordinary relationship and it does not adhere to the ordinary rules that you use to determine whether to go or stay in a relationship. First difference is this relationship is […]

The Power of Vision

Last month I bought an S-Type Sapphire Blue Limited Edition Jaguar. Now besides it being a nice car, I’m thrilled to tell you how I acquired it. Vision! Yes, I’ve been thinking of buying the Jaguar for about two years. In fact, I have a folder in my computer labeled Project Freedom and Discovery, a sub-folder called The Golden Pages. […]