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SUNANDA SHARMA: “Twin Flame Telepathy & Third Dimension” — Circle of the Dolphins

One may question why would twin flames choose to live on the edge? Well, it is more like they are divinely tested to that extent that they exude crystal light and pure unconditional love. To really exude unconditional love, one needs to refine one self and let the diamond within unfold. Doing so is quite […] via SUNANDA SHARMA: “Twin Flame […]

INGA NIELSEN: “Twin Flames And Codependency” — Circle of the Dolphins

Twin Flames and other strong soul connections cannot come together in a codependent relationship. The love that these souls have for each other is simply far too pure, too bright and too divine to accept a pattern of codependency. However, the conditioning and life circumstances that many Twin Flames incarnated into make codependent relationships the only […] via INGA NIELSEN: “Twin […]